Too Many Pornstars Passing

shyla stylesaugust amesyurizan beltranThe last couple of months has been pretty tragic in porn. Three deaths of major name stars in a short period of time is tragic, and with the circumstances, it’s even worse. Yurizan Beltran, aka Yuri Luv,
August Ames, and recently retired Shyla Styles all died, two from apparent accidental drug overdose, and in the case of August Ames, suicide after being harassed and bullied online about not wanting to do a scene with an untested performer who apparently did mostly gay scenes (and some report mostly unprotected). All three are tragic and sad, and we should take a moment to remember these lovely girls who gave us so much of themselves. One passing in this way is tragic, three is pretty overwhelming.

Online bullying is terrible and tragic. Next time you are thinking of keyboard warrioring someone, just consider the implications. You can’t take it back after a tragedy.

Meanwhile, onto happier things. The end of the year is coming, and plenty of upgrades and updates. Most active of course is Findpics Free Porn, new galleries added every couple of hours automatically, now with over 8000 free galleries from over 1000 pornstars and models. It’s all free, tell your friends to check out your favorite stars!

Sexy Taylor Swift and 10 Years Of Stupidity

sexy taylor swiftSo unless you live under a rock or in a weird place on the planet, you probably know about singer and celeb Taylor Swift. For some, she is one of the sexiest girls on the planet. Not my personal type, too much neck and stuff, but certainly I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers. Actually, it seems she has more of a habit of throwing guys out and then writing songs about it. Different story. Anyway, she apparently got her Twitter account hacked and they threatened to show nude pics of her. Well, let’s just say that a girl who only showed her belly button off for the first time ever isn’t very likely to have a big collection of naughty pics hiding online. Her reply to the hackers here is pretty much classic. Oh, just for reference, she has 51 MILLION twitter followers. One retweet from her is like striking gold!

Anyway, meanwhile and back at the ranch, 2015 has started out sort of with a bang and a thud, all at the same time. I have been cleaning up a lot of things, Google is on a total rampage about sites that don’t render well on very tiny mobile screens, so all sorts of sites from Sexy Girls to Go Stories Erotic Stories have been fixed up, changed, revised, and made responsive in their own ways.

To that end, I am also working on a new site, which you can tune into and enjoy as I build it. 18NH.COM (I call it 18 Nude Here in my mind) is a TGP / gallery site with a unique look and a really sweet interface. It’s responsive, the image display system is nice, and I am stocking it with all new stuff. First up is plenty of hot little cuties from 18Eighteen, and then from there I will be adding more sologirls, hardcore stuff, and more. It’s all good as they say.

Also, don’t forget to check out Tit 4 Free live cams – get a free membership, enjoy the live chats, and get naughty. You really do actually get something for free here, no shit. So get on over and sign up, and enjoy it.

Finally, it was brought to my attention that this blog is about to turn 10 years old. Holy fuck. 10 fucking years? I have to say that I do know I have a band of loyal reader who come and read my occasional outbursts, and I want to say thank you for your kindly attention and stalking messages. I know your out there, which is why I tend to lock the doors at night. Seriously though, thanks… and here’s to 10 more years of this stupidity!

Breaking The Chain And Moving Forward

intheraw-breaking-the-chainOne of the very basic things I have learned in more than 20 years of online life is that nothing stays the same forever. In fact, if anything does stay the same, you should watch out, it’s about to fail! Running websites online is a true challenge because every day, I face the issue of falling further and further behind if I don’t run as fast as I can. For most people running adult websites, the last few years have been much harder than anyone expected.

I have seen a number of people I considered friends close down their websites, sell out, or both. Some days it feels like I am the last shop owner in a dead shopping mall, where all the other stores have moved out and I am the only one left pushing stuff. But it’s a failed perception because it’s not an empty mall, it’s just that the shops don’t look anything like they use to, and it’s much harder to see where business gets done.

This could end up being a longer post, so rather than mess you all up early, I will break it into a “read more”. However, before I do, cheer me up (and make yourself happy) and get a free live sex webcam chat account over here. It’s really a good deal, there is plenty of free stuff and the action is hot!

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A Cocktail of Piracy and Butt Sex

It’s not often that I go out on a limb to talk publicly about subjects like this, because it is easy to offend people and hard to get those with their minds made up to change. But I really think that we have reached an interesting crossroads in the times of content piracy online, and while it’s not an absolute thing, I think the pendulum is finally swinging back towards more lawful setups. Working in the adult work, I can tell you that pr0n in all it’s forms has been one of the bigger victims in the piracy world, turning adult material from something unique and special to something as common as lint. Much of Porn Valley in California has disappeared under the intense pressure of the internet, digital delivery, and in the end, widespread piracy. Google choosing to change their rankings around to lower those who get lots of copyright violation reports seems like a move that will change the world over time – but not in the first minutes.

Going against piracy is a bit of self interest for me (this is how I make my living, right?), but it’s also in your interest. Without income, the companies that make the videos and shoot the exclusive scenes and have the hot name girls can’t afford to do what they do. Without income, the girls we all love to check out can’t make their living this way anymore, and are forced to take real day jobs, or worse do further the other direction towards escorting, hooking, and the like. It’s not pretty in many ways. Have a read of the article, and please add your comments. This is one are worth discussing, even if you really don’t agree with me at all.

Now, speaking of pr0n, this week I added a new anal sex blog. XXX Anal ( is a site dedicated to girls who like it in the rear, and I don’t mean parking behind their house. I added 10 or so posts to start off with, and this one will be updated as I find more that I like. Anal sex is one of the most talked about subjects these days, why not see some of the hottest scenes, there are some great galleries linked out over there.

Finally, on a more personal note, I am back in school trying to learn a new language for the first time since, well… high school – and that was a very long time ago indeed. It’s interesting to see how the mind works, and yet to see how much I have lost in not working that part of my brain much. Hopefully I get it right, it might actually help me here too!

The foolishness of free, or web2.0 debunked

First off, let me preface this whole deal with a little background. I have had a web account of one form or another since long before the browser era, doing telnet connections, using archie and veronica, pine or similar for mail… what some today might consider web 0.1 beta. So while I don’t have a doctorate in business or anything, I have gotten a pretty harsh education on the world of the web. I have seen money making schemes come and go, scammers in and out, and so on. So with all the Web 2.0 hype and the shifting business model, I have a few things I want to throw out. Stay with me here, this might take a while.
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You are being manipulated

How does it feel?

Right now the donations are coming in at over 250k/hour. That’s incredible. Lets keep it up in an organized way.

If we all go post about the november 5th and ron paul on EVERY forum we have any sort of cred on (not just political ones). Lets hit up game forums, community forums, EVERYTHING! Hell join some new forums that seem popular. Let’s just all go on a hunt for the next couple hours and post about it on every forum we can. Each forum is bound to have a couple ron paul supporters that will backup the thread and encourage everyone to donate and spread the word. It’ll create a landslide promotional effect that’ll drive in a couple extra million today.

Lets keep this momentum going! Make your goal to keep the graph above 200k/hour. If it starts dropping below post faster

That’s right, the lemmings trying to elect Ron Paul are purposely attacking the chat boards and forums of the internet to shill for this guy. They are attempting to manipulate public opinion by making it look like people all over are interested in what this boring old turd of a politician has to say.


Don’t let these assholes take over the internet and turn it into a wasteland of political spew and horseshit. Stick with Porn. Porn is good. Ron Paul is bad.

An Open Letter to NBC

Hi guys… I know you are sort of busy trying to figure out how to get the last few people to stop watching your shows in prime time, but I figured you might have a few minutes to have a read and see what an actual viewer has to say.

First off, let me say that I know things are tough. Cable, the million channel universe, expensive sports, 24 hour news channels, and just about everything else under the sun is nibbling away at your overall viewership. However, your immediate competitors at the other 3 networks aren’t suffering as bad, so it must be something they are doing or you are not doing that is screwing it up. I know that is an obvious statement, but sometimes you gotta frame the problem.

So, let’s get to the issues.

I don’t like to chase around looking for shows. The biggest error for 2006-2007 at NBC has been with the Law and Order shows. Bad enough that the main L&O has been suffering the last few years with a quick rotation on cast and some seriously horrible navel gazing scripts, but you guys moved the thing out of Wednesday and shoved it off to Friday. Why didn’t you just club it over the head like a baby seal and leave it to bleed out? That move put it in a space with lower potential viewers, and confused the heck out of those of us who watched it on Wednesday. I would have to say that I have watched MAYBE 2 episodes this entire year as a result (I have other things to do on Friday nights, thanks).

Clumping the other L&O shows together sounds like a good idea, but like sugar, heroin, or Dateline NBC, too much of a good thing is deadly. Again, most people aren’t going to dedicate 2 hours to watching just L&O, and as a result you are totally burning a night out for people who don’t like L&O. CI was much better on Sunday nights, and all L&O type shows are better at 10Pm. Parents will lose the fight at 9PM with their kids, and end up watching something else (because kids don’t like L&O much, from what I can tell). You are also having issues with the costs for actors and such to justify these shows.

Solution: Move L&O back to Wednesday where it belongs. Make a strong move and bring Chris Noth over there, and work on getting some stability in your actors – sign the next assistant DA to at least a 2 year contract… this one and done stuff sucks. Run CI on Sunday, and send SVU out to pasture (except maybe for a couple of 2 hour movie specials for 2007-2008 to run them out and tie up the threads).

Thursday…. ahh, Thursday… Now the proud home of “must miss TV”. ER lost me as a viewer a long, long time ago, and you are fighting a horrible battle against both CSI and Grey’s at 9PM which pretty much makes anything you put up there look like lunch meat. Your best hope is to get the best out of 8PM, and hope like hell people tune back in at 10PM to see ER.

Solution: Do whatever is needed to make 8PM and 8:30PM into the funniest hour of comedy in the week. One day, it will let you once again be a player at 9PM… and then get the people who make ER into a room and make them rewatch the first season over again, and then make them watch Grey’s Anatomy every day. Remind them of what an actual HIT show looks like. Try to make some commercials promoting the episodes that don’t include terms like “the most important ER ever!” or “the most shocking ER ever!”. Your promo people have cried wolf on that about twice too often, and that truly, truly sucks.

I could go on for a month, giving specific suggestions. But the reality is this: too much of a good thing will kill you.  Too much Law and Order, too much Dateline, too much of Howie’s Deal or no Deal… every time you guys get something good going, you immediately run it to death in short order, until nobody wants to see it anymore.

Law and Order needs to be somewhere else other than Friday.  You sent it to about the second worst spot on the entire week’s schedule, and you are surprised that the viewership went down.  Plenty of people have way more interesting things to do than watch TV at 10PM on a Friday night.   Consider getting it back to Wednesday, and you will see things suddenly come back to normal.

Good luck.  The net is going to get all of you anyway!

I found out I’m not a racing fan anymore

Well, at least I don’t think I am a fan of major american racing series anymore.  Today is the last day of the NASCAR season.  The championship race.  It all comes down to this, and I can’t be bothered to even turn the TV on.  I would rather clean the gutters on the house or do graphics work than waste the time.  Last week was the end of the champcar season, and I had the same feeling.  I would say that almost without a doubt, I am no longer interested.

According to the TV ratings, I am not alone in turning NASCAR off.  Viewership in the US is off by about 10% this year from what I can tell, and many of the races have seats available on race day, walk up and buy a ticket on race day.  2 years ago you would have had to kill people to get tickets to most of the races.

There is little innovation, nothing new… 50% of the races are run on cookie cutter track that, except for the skyline in the background, could all be the same track.  The entire race often hinges on who can save gas to avoid a pitstop or who put the right 1/4 pound of air in that right front tire.  480 miles of nothing to get 20 miles of racing, in a series who’s point system rewards average and doesn’t give anyone a real reason to win.  The artificial “race to the chase” and “the chase” tries very hard to create some tension and stop run away seasons, but all it does is turn 33 drivers into lame ducks too scared to race anyone in the top 10, and turns the top 10 in boring bots too scared to race in case they screw up their average points finish.

When racing stops rewarding winning, people stop wanting to win.  They race for points, they race for scoring better than average, and all they do is aim to be slightly better than average, because that is all it takes.  Make the chase, and even at 10th place, you are only 50 points behind. 23% of the drivers make the chase, so you only have to be in the 77th percentile to make it in.

Champcar and the IRL are no better at this point.  Champcar is packed full of no-names and lame brains, unsponsored cars, stupid street races on tracks so tight nobody can pass without a major incident, and short fields that would make my local circle track cancel a class for lack of competitors.  IRL has the names and the Indy500, but a bunch of other cookie cutter races and all the competition of a pin the tail on the donkey contest.

I still enjoy F1 from a totally technical stand point, I enjoy how strategy, driver skill, and the choices of others all interplay.  But that is a sport of billionaires… and it is pretty hard to swallow at times.

Too bad… I really use to enjoy racing. 🙂

Conservatives circle the wagons around Bush… AGAIN

I caught this thread from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin about The New York Times “leaking” information about how the Bush Administration is going about tracing down terrorists.    I won’t express an opinion (except that Bush has certainly pushed the legal limits on many issues), but what shocked me was the amount of images in this column.

Are we back to World War 2?  Are we all suppose to just eat the government line because “it is good for us” without questioning how far this all goes?  In a land where freedom lives, it should be normal to wonder if something could violate those freedoms.  The images in her column cross the line from “commentary” and move right over to gag the media.  It seems that the conservatives want the NYT to just shut up, and is willing to blame any number of things on them, “daddy died because the NYT talked” and bull like that.

All of this to take the heat and the public eye off of Bush.  Nobody has answered why they are using such extraordinary measures, and such secretive means that are apparently not entirely within the scope of the law.  A brave expansion of executive powers that might not be exactly within what is expected.

Answer the questions, and I am sure that the NYT will print the results and shut up.  If you don’t answer the questions, they will keep asking.

To Catch a Predator… the missing link

Dateline NBC has been doing a series of shows called To Catch a Predator. These shows focus on adult men who trolll around internet chat rooms, looking for teens (mostly girls, sometimes boys) for sexual encounters. For the most part, the age of the teen is set at 14 or 15. Many of these guys are repeat offenders, having been arrested in the past for other offences of a simlar nature.

The show has been a big eye opener for many americans, who has seen the internet through a whole different eye. For the adult industy, it has actually been a really good thing in my opinion because it shows that it isn’t porn sites that are making the internet dangerous, but rather those abusers and criminals that would otherwise be cruising the mall and burger shops.

The internet just made it easier for them to go fishing without as many apparent risks. No public exposure, little risk of running into police and whatnot.

I applaud NBC for their effort, they have really shown how things work. They have trapped out 130 perverts in the last couple of years.


I wish though that they would spend some time on the missing link, the actual cause, the root cause of this problem isn’t the predators… it is the children left alone to surf the net, enter chat rooms, operate web cameras… ending up looking more like an open invitation to predators. Kids with computers, internet access and a closed door is a very dangerous combination.

Dateline should work with the police and set up the reverse sting. Become the predator, hit myspace and the chat rooms, and start fishing. Find the kids home alone, talk them into a meeting or giving up personal information, and then go for it. Hook up with the kids (with police present) and then go find the parents. Show them what the heck their chidlren are up to, and teach parents all over america how to keep their children from being victims.

It is about time someone took responsiblity for their children, and understood that these crimes only happen when the children are not cared for, not supervised, and allowed to run free when they are too young to accept the responsilbity.