Link Trades / traffic exchanges

Okay, I will run a list here of things and projects that are looking for trades and whatnot… I will updated it as needed.

Contact me either: ICQ: 64:103:248 (remove the : ) email alex:@:monolithnet:com (same thing, remember that spamarrest is on the job, so please approve yourself!) or MSN / hormail rawalex at hotmail, that is good for mail and the MSN messenger.

Please note: Most of the sites listed are not traffic giants. Don’t be shy, I am not looking for monster trades. I am looking for honest trades and stuff with people who build reasonable sites and projects and are looking to keep a link for a while:


DDCup Big Booby Blog

Teenager – X

Mature – X

Little Tit Site

Project Pussy

Horny Asian Pussy

Hard-X Hardcore Porn

Free Erotic Stories

Findpics blog

Pornpig’s Porn Party (aggregation blog)

Babe Company

Teen Spread Pussy

Cumshot Archive


Link trades: Hit me up… I have all sorts of niche pages and whatnot, low traffic but often with decent PR, all tradable. I can also support scatter trades, where I list you in one main place (findpics or link2x) and you will appear in others automatically on niche 😉

submits: Hit me up… I have a pile, not all open for public submits. If you make nice sites, we can talk about submits:)


(all of these TGPs run traffic trade scripts, and are “skim” to one level or another, typically about 50%… as the traffic goes up, I tend to turn the skim down to balance them out. I don’t do CJ sites, I don’t intentionally trade with CJ sites… reasonable amounts of accessible content is required!)

I also have the possiblity of hard trades (coded into the pages) if that is more to your liking.

Thumbs Kingdom

Free Pornstar Movies

21X Teens

Asian Amateur Sex

Sexy Whore Hardcore


I am not a hard person to deal with when it comes to link trades. I am not the type to check backlinks, PR, and other crap. I am looking for real sites run by real people. The only things I tend to check is the whois information on the domain – I don’t trade with sites that have hidden, obscured, dishonest, or private whois information. I want to know who I am dealing with.

SO LET’S TRADE! Get me on ICQ and let’s get something going!