Work It Bitch and Other Overly Sexy Things

britney spears work it b**chBritney Spears has pretty much always registered on my mind as a pop trollop, a sexy schoolgirl, a naughty mommy, and more than a little bit of a nutcase. She has always been about tits and ass, plain and simple, covering up her often lightweight musical offerings with cleavage, short skirts, and plenty of exposed skin. Now all of a sudden, after releasing a video for a song called “Work It Bitch”, she is concerned that the video was too sexy and her image too sexual, and that she is being forced to be sexy like this. Okay then… So all the near nudity, see thru tops, no panty upskirts, and videos in nude colored outfits isn’t there… right.

I guess for me what is funny about Britney Spears is to hear her complaining about sexuality, and then to realize that most of her videos hit areas I have porn blogs about. From public nudity, panty flashing, schoolgirl uniforms, and cleavage, I have pretty much covered everything her videos are about. You gotta wonder!

Anyway, in porn stuff, I have been working on a new design and layout for some blogs, I particularly like Dirty Teens, and Wild Cumshots, both of which are using larger images and look really hot – and the stuff there is hot as it comes too. More of those to come in the future, I think these blogs are much nicer than average!

From Lea Michele to Erotic Filth and Beyond

Damn, I love Lea Michele. She’s the star of Glee, playing Rachel Berry. She’s so cute, so sweet, a truly sexy schoolgirl, and yet it’s amazing to find out she is already 25 years old. I know that her appearance as Britney Spears in the show in the wild Hit Me One More Time schoolgirl uniform thing was a ratings winner, that is for sure! She is truly a sexy girl, too bad she don’t get naked!

Speaking of naked, it’s been a busy few weeks on the farm for me. First off, you can check out the new porn tube site Erotic Filth. Yup, it’s more of the same, if you want to look at it that way, tons and tons of free clips, site promotions, and hot stuff. I am adding 10 new videos every day there until at least the end of the year, so bookmark it and check it out daily for more hot stuff. Also, you can check out the public nudity shots on my Outdoor Nudes Blog. Plenty of hot pussy getting some sun over here. Also added in some Amateur Masturbation in case you need a little stimulation. A whole lot of clean up and renovations going on, keep me bookmarked for more!

Nascar still boring and Winter is Coming

It’s been sort of a busy week around my part of the world. The seasons are changing fast, and winter is not far off. As you can see, Asian Cutie Ariel Spinner is now decked out for winter, although maybe she should zip up a bit! Either way, she is a pretty reminder that winter is almost here. That a new stuff for Christmas, such as the the new Motorola Droid smart phone.

NASCAR or NAPCAR? It’s the question being asked this week in a number of places after a stunning dull race in Talledega that still ended with most of the field wrecked and two cars flipping completely. All the shiny empty spaces in the stands should be a reminder to NASCAR that it’s about racing, and putting on a good show. When the show goes, so do the crowds. F1 managed to turn a lame duck race in Abu Dhabi into an exciting event, twilight into night, very interesting way to wrap the season. Speaking of Twilight (the movie) this weeks Putaface Celeb is Kristen Stewart, aka, K-Stew, who seems to get more exposure than anyone these days, even with a celebrity porn video. Not shabby!

Meanwhile, in the adult world, let’s see… Backdoor fun at Raunchy Anal, all sorts of stuff at Nasty Dreams, and of course sexy and cute barely legal girls in schoolgirl uniforms. Enjoy!