Memorial Day Weekend With Danica Patrick

It’s Memorial Day Weekend 2010 in the US, a classic start of summer deal for most Americans, the first real long weekend of the warm weather, and traditionally a time for auto racing. The Indy 500 has run on Memorial day about forever, and NASCAR runs the World 600 race in the evening. Racing fans are topped out with F1 from Turkey in the morning (traditionally Monaco, but they screwed the schedule up!). The sexiest part of all the racing is Danica Patrick, Indy car star, a girl who isn’t shy to use her sexy little body to get media attention.

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have a great memorial day weekend everyone!

More Sexy More Boring NASCAR

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Now, NASCAR. Or should I say Nap Car? It’s come down to a simple deal, really. Ignore qualifying (everyone who is anyone is assured a starting spot, and the races are so long it doesn’t really matter where you start), ignore most of the race (because really, they are mostly conserving and testing), and wait for the near manditory mystery debris caution a little from the end. Basically, PVR the race, and fast forward until you see a yellow with 50 ro so to go. Then you can watch the race. Otherwise it’s dull. Too bad for NASCAR, they use to have it all. Now the empty seats are everywhere, the start and parkers are clogging up the grid, and even the star drivers are wondering about the fabricated cautions.

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