Liz Vicious Goth Girlfriend

liz vicious goth teenHey guys and gals… got a new fresh and hot girl for you. I don’t usually do the “porn promo” thing here in my blog, but well, this girl pretty much sets something off in me, and judging by the number of people clicking on her banners and becoming members of her site, well.. I think we are on to something.

Her name is Liz Vicious. She is one of the only teens on the net I have seen that appears to be a true goth girl. Light skin, dark makeup, the look, the dress, the attitude… you know nobody can fake this stuff and really pull it off. Liz is all real and all goth, and that is really quite cool. She looks like some of those girls you see downtown and have always wondered about. Well, stop wondering and start looking.

I have a bunch of good stuff about her. You can check out Liz Vicious Goth Girlfriend for some good info on her. Once you are done there, you can click on over and check out Liz Vicious Spread Pussy – very nice! After that, you can cruise over and check out a nice free site, Liz gives a blowjob in a car… that’s right, this girl is not only a bit of a showoff, but she loves to gete nasty and dirty… with boys and girls… she does some pretty fun stuff with Raven Riley too... nice!

Anyway, she’s hot… you should check her out and see what you are missing… click here for Liz Vicious!

Sexy Babes and Sexy Stuff

I am working on another site… seems like all I am doing these days is working on new ideas! It is a very interesting time in my life in many ways as a result, as I am branching out into areas I have never considered before. Thus, I am working on (but haven’t really officially opened) my first babe blog. Basically, it is just hot girls, links to hot galleries and stuff, very direct and simple… very visual, not at all wordy like this stupid blog 🙂

Babe Company is looking to have a pretty good collection going. I am working to add a couple of new ones each day, but the longer term goal is 10 – 20 new babes / babe galleries every day for your enjoyment, plus a ton of great links and stuff to babes, galleries, and other sites that share a common interest in truly hot babes. No huge writeups or shit, just hot fucking girls! Click here and check it out!

Little Tit Site features a hot a rare item… a sexy red head with a hot body and very sexy tiny tits. Sadie is a hotty, click here for tiny tits redhead!

I also added some hot new links over at Project Pussy Lesbians… including two big titty girls… including Faith from In Bed with Faith… if you have big tit lesbian fantasies… click here!

More to come… stay tuned to this bat channel! 🙂

Happy Country Celebration Time

For the americans, July 4th is the day.  For us Canucks, July 1st does it.  France gets Bastille Day on the 14th.  Everyone is celebrating!

I’m celebrating too be adding two more blogs to my never ending stream of blogdom.

Horny Asian Pussy is a nice asian oriented blog.  The girls vary all over the road from pure japanese street girls to Asian American pornstars and thai bargirls.  If the girl is asian and likes to get naked (and preferably fuck) I will have her in here!

Hard-X Hardcore Blog is all about fucking.  Nothing but.  Every day you will find nice fresh fucking.  Direct and to the point, you like it hard, we got it hard.

Cumshot Archive is pretty new too.  This one is like the name says – all cumshots.  Facial cumshots, bukkake, anal cumshots, swallowers, cream pies… if there is goo involved, we got you covered… but you won’t be covered in goo (unless you want to be…)

Anyway, it’s a bunch of new stuff, you can add some bookmarks because these will all update just about every day (or every day if I am a good boy!).

Some updates I have done…

Been working on a bunch of things…

If you like big tits girls, I have a couple of ideas for you:  Check out Vivid Girl Mercedes… she has nice boobs for sure!  You can also check out Firm Tits, which has two galleries of a hot model with nice boobs.

If you prefer smaller boobs, you can check out  Sammi, she has tiny tits and they are covered in cum 🙂

I also added some new stories to Free Erotic Stories… click to read.

If you are interested in technology and whatnot, you can check out a new site I found called Kizo News… they have links to a whole bunch of interesting technology stories… kewl stuff!

More stuff coming, still a bunch of stuff to do today… enjoy 🙂

Updates… Updates… tons of Updates…

It has been a good day of blogging…
First off, check out this hot erotic story: The Desperate MILF.

After that, you can check out sexy petite latina with her tits covered in cum at little tit site. Hot 🙂

You can also check out my newest blogs: Cumshot Archive and Horny Asian Pussy… both are high quality sites with the porn you want!

I am also working on some updates for my link sites like Findpics Free Porn and All Porn Links… check them out too and enjoy!

Weekend etc

What do you call the day after two days of rain? Monday.

Looks like another potentially wet weekend here, so I am certainly in front of the computer rather than being out pulling weeds and basically cleaning up the house (or moving my sat dish… ongoing bullshit that is).

Mostly though this weekend is all about the porn… In the words of Chopper “Hit the gas! make a move!”. Tons and tons of good ideas and concepts floating around, and I am trying to jam them all into working order in short order. Summer time in the adult online business can be a little bit slower than normal as people go outside and enjoy the nice weather, but the reality is that they are just a little more choosy and value their online porn time more because they have less of it. In the winter prime time is east coast 9PM or so… in the summer, that can move all the way to midnight, which means people are not in front of their computers until later, so they don’t have time to fuck around and surf in circles looking at nothing. They want action. Action I will bring!

Here is some nice new shit to enjoy:

Erotic Stories: Glenda’s Vacation is a nice summer travel story with a dirty, dirty twist!

Big tits: Lanny Got Boobs – see sexy Lanny Barby in a bunch of hot fuck movie clips

This week’s hot movie at the box off is Jennifer Aniston’s Break up. Check out the reviews and news.

There is a bunch more, I will post again later… but try to enjoy your weekend anyway! 🙂