Fresh Live Sex Chat Cams and Other Fun Stuff

sex chat camsIt’s sort of funny how things go, changes don’t come as a constant ebb and flow, rather it seems that inspiration hits me like falling rain, today it’s raining and so we all get wet. One of the biggest changes here is my favorite and perhaps only of my oldest sites, Hercam Sex Chat. It’s 15 years that I have this domain, and it’s been a few different things in it’s life. Now, it’s gotten a huge upgrade and has become it’s very own live sex cam site. That’s right, Hercam Sex Chat now has live cam girls 24 hours per day, plenty of hot girls all the time, from cute barely legal teens to MILFs, shemales, and even men for men or men for ladies if you prefer, all live from bedrooms, dorm rooms, and living rooms all over the world. Real girls (and guys if you like) getting naughty on cam, it’s a hot sex chat live cam site that is top notch and certainly worth checking out!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, it hasn’t been dry either. With the demise of a couple of programs a few years back, I was stuck with a few blogs that couldn’t update anymore because the sites were gone. One of the was my casting couch sex blog, which features newbie girls. The original site went AWOL, but now I have a new site that is running hard with plenty of updates, so you can expect lots of action here. I also have another hot new site called Super Blowjob, which is all about girls who like to suck cock. Again, simple site but the content is hot and fresh. You may also want to check out Major TGP, this site is a classic old school TGP with a ton of galleries – it updates daily too!

Courtney Stodden Sideboob Lettuce Fetish and Stuff

courtney stodden sideboobI love fame whores, especially when they are so entirely blatant about it. Courtney Stodden is one of those girls who just is so mind numbingly obvious about wanting to be famous, that it’s hard not to laugh and enjoy. This picture is from a promotion she did with Peta giving out veggie dogs while dressed in nothing more than a slightly wilted lettuce bikini. Her big new boobs are certainly the center of attention, and a whole pile of sideboob action was our reward on this one. Damn, this girl knows how to work it!

In the world of adult, let’s see: I have added a site called Dirty Teens which is a neat blog with an interesting layout – and teen pussy, who can resist, right? The newest release of wordpress has a whole bunch of very interesting features I am going to be testing out, my next batch of porn blogs may be a lot more interesting to look at as a result. Don’t forget also to check out our live cams at Live Cams Live Girls, this site is turning out to be a very popular destination, I get about a dozen new people signing up for a free membership over there, it’s seriously good fun you shouldn’t miss out on.

Busty Nurses and other Joyful Things

sha rizelI have to admit that of all the new girls that have shown up the last little while, the one most of the guys seem to react to the most has been sexy Sha Rizel. This busty Russian girl has really taken off, her debut cover shots for Score Magazine (in print) made that one of their best selling editions, and her sweet huge natural boobs and willingness to play make this girl just tops. I can tell you that on my porn wiki site, she is one of the most searched for girls, you guys clearly want to see more of this hotty. For now she’s all show, but I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before we see her going all out. She’s just that sexy!

Meanwhile, I will have to say my updates on some of the blogs are a bit behind, and that is because I am working on a new project (not porn!) with my wife (not in porn!), that I hope I can announce in the next little while. If nothing else, it will give everyone a reason to want to travel to my part of the world, and that’s not such a bad thing.

I have also been keeping up working on Fresh Amateur Girls, Tits Mega Site, and Totally Pussy. All three of these sites will have more and more galleries added, more new girls, and more hot stuff. Keep an eye on them! Also, Sex Porn Adult is updating almost every day (almost as in I am not good at doing it every day, sorry!) with some nice hardcore stuff, it’s sort of my new dumping ground for all the hot stuff I see but don’t have space for in other places. Finally, Porniki is getting plenty of updates as well, I have added sites, girls, and freshened up a number of areas. Please let your friends know about Porniki – use the social media buttons to tweet us, friend us follow us, reddit us, and so on… it helps make it possible for me to keep digging up for more stuff for you to enjoy!