Mylie Cyrus Nipples, Sex Tapes, and Pr0n

mylie cyrus nipplesSometimes things just slip by when you aren’t paying attention, such as this lovely shot of singer / celebutard Mylie Cyrus and her perky young tits. She is the sort of celebrity you would expect to see in a sex tape one of these fine days, especially if her career starts to wane or the media stops paying attention for a few minutes. I decide to put the pic up only because she has said this week that she would use her body to get your attention long enough to push her causes and charities. It’s also because the last couple of weeks has been dotted with rumors of a Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, originally thought to be solo and then rumors so of went from there. Apparently Vivid Video had a copy of it and were bidding, but suddenly Courtney Stodden got cold feet (or cold tits, whatever) and sent them a cease and desist. That confirms that the tape exists, and for now she isn’t going to let anyone have it. I guess her career hasn’t QUITE hit rock bottom yet.

Meanwhile, there is pr0n… ummm, porn. I have been enjoying working with a new TGP / gallery / site builder software and I have to say I am particularly liking the results of Findpics Free Porn TGP. In some ways, it may end up being a replacement for Findpics Adult Links, but for now they compliment each other so why not keep both, right? The Findpics Galleries have over 1200 galleries already and nearly 500 model profiles, and I am adding a new gallery every hour, all day, every day… so 700 + new galleries a month coming up! It’s already becoming popular, you can Follow Findpics Free Porn on Twitter for updates, and bookmark the site too – and hey, why not tweet about it too? Find your favorite gallery or girl and tell the world why you love them! Show us some love!

That’s all for now, keep your dick up and her face down until the next time!

Courtney Stodden Sideboob Lettuce Fetish and Stuff

courtney stodden sideboobI love fame whores, especially when they are so entirely blatant about it. Courtney Stodden is one of those girls who just is so mind numbingly obvious about wanting to be famous, that it’s hard not to laugh and enjoy. This picture is from a promotion she did with Peta giving out veggie dogs while dressed in nothing more than a slightly wilted lettuce bikini. Her big new boobs are certainly the center of attention, and a whole pile of sideboob action was our reward on this one. Damn, this girl knows how to work it!

In the world of adult, let’s see: I have added a site called Dirty Teens which is a neat blog with an interesting layout – and teen pussy, who can resist, right? The newest release of wordpress has a whole bunch of very interesting features I am going to be testing out, my next batch of porn blogs may be a lot more interesting to look at as a result. Don’t forget also to check out our live cams at Live Cams Live Girls, this site is turning out to be a very popular destination, I get about a dozen new people signing up for a free membership over there, it’s seriously good fun you shouldn’t miss out on.

Courtney Stodden Porn Aspirations

 courtney stodden porn
Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Courtney Stodden. This girl (and I mean girl) got married to a 50 year old man when she was 16, and well, let’s just say that she has got looks that are way more mature than her age. Okay, she’s 18 now, so I can say it: she’s got huge tits. She even claims they are real, but she looks fairly artificial to my eye. Anyway, not shocking that as she recently turned 18, the offers to be in porn appeared. This girl has been trundling around in tiny bikinis and what not for the last 2 years, so it’s normal. But she says no to porn, but yes to Playboy. The bad news for her is that Playboy isn’t all the interested, or so it seems. Perhaps Hef doesn’t like married girls, who knows? Anyway, you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be long before this girl has her bangers out for us to enjoy, and then she can fade back into obscurity!

On other things, I am still getting use to living far away from where I am from. For you Star Trek Voyager fans, this is sort of a Chakotay moment where I am far from the bones of my people. I have a few off days about it, especially when something big happens in the news back home. But damn, it’s hard not to love the weather, the food, the people, the life. So hey, I am enjoy it. So I did work on some stuff but nothing major to announce, but in the meantime, check out my Erotic Filth Tube site, 15 new videos added daily over here!