Brooke Mueller Apparently Not #Winning

If there is anything funnier than a celeb whoring themselves out for attention, it’s a celeb who probably wishes the cameras would just go away. Brooke Mueller is one of those people right now. She is a celeb mostly because of her failed marriage to Charlie Sheen, he of #winning fame. That fame is mostly due to some fairly public and well known intoxicated adventures, including the case that got Charlie in trouble a couple of years ago for a domestic dispute. Brooke and Charlie have two kids, they fight over custody, and now Brooke is apparently back in rehab after falling off the wagon, getting caught on tape in a pawn shop trying to sell some stuff and hooking more than a little hinky doing it, it appears. She is certainly a celeb that wishes the cameras would just go away.

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Bree Olsen #winning and Other Stories

Every so often a story comes along that is beyond understanding. Charlie Sheen. Need I say more? I don’t know about all the #winning stuff, but I can tell you this: He has turned a few different pornstar girls into household names overnight. Probably the biggest winner in this is sexy Bree Olsen, a real hotty in her own right who loves all sorts of sexy (including hard anal… naughty girl!). Charlie Sheen made her one of his goddesses, can’t say as I blame him!

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