The End Of The Year and New Beginnings

in-the-raw-end-of-the-line The end of the line for some is the starting off point for others. One of our Western world traditions is the idea of the new year’s resolution, where for the magic passing of the arbitrary calendar date from December 31 to January 1, we resolve to fix all that was wrong and we wouldn’t or couldn’t fix before. For many, that means losing weight or stopping smoking. For me it’s a bit more of a practical thing, there are certain files and systems I use that require year end maintenance to get ready for the new year, so that is more where I end up this time of year. In fact, I have done it pretty much every year since I watch Y2K come and go as a magical nothing, so perhaps it’s a family tradition or something!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Naughty New Year

meet madden christmas
Well, it’s that time of the year again, when we celebrate the birth of a baby that wasn’t born on this date, and we celebrate by telling our kids that an old fat guy in a red suit is sneaking into the house to leave them toys. Okay then, creepy is as creepy does, I guess, right? Anyway, this year I celebrate the season with Madden from Meet Madden decorating the tree with her sexy teasing show, she is certainly the type of present I would love to find under my tree this year!

That post also brings me to the “new stuff” part of the day, I have been working a bit on a babe blog called Nude BB, which has a bunch of hot girls in a nicely formatted site that is easy to cruise around to enjoy the hotties. Bookmark it, because it’s going on the updated daily list starting in the new year. I also have a few other sites in development right now that will really get things moving in the new year as well, watch this spot for more!

Finally, I leave you with a wonderfully adult take on Christmas, from We Love to Suck… let’s just say Santa is giving her quite the present!

Sexy MetArt Girls and Other Tasty Ideas

Yeah, I know… I am a little behind on updating the blog. Sorry! I spent a good chunk of January sick as a dog, 5 days of high fever before seeing a doctor (stupid me) only to find out I have tonsillitis! What am I, a kid? Anyway, my alergies to certain meds means that I had to take the slow boat method to get rid of it, so 10 days of pills and things. Everything taken into consideration, I pretty much wasted half of January right like that.

The good news? I finally added MetArt to my list of happy sites. If you don’t know, MetArt is a high end photography and sexy model site, with over 2800 girls in incredibly sets, truly high end stuff, with girls that range from stunning babes to amateur cuties, from busty babes to tiny tits teens. It’s a really impressive site, certainly worth checking out. The girl in the picture is Emma A, she is a real hotty, check her out here!

In other news, nothing major to report. A new tube site called Free Porn Flicks is sort of bubbling up, slowly but surely. It’s not massive yet, but I am testing out some new software with it, and checking to see especially the video quality. Check some stuff out and let me know what you think. Also, there are plenty of changes going around including a complete redo of the Gonzo Links site. Check that out too, you might like the new design! Finally, I have been updating porn blogs like mad, don’t forget to check out Pornpig for the hottest new stuff as it rolls off the porn assembly line.

Sexy Amanda Bynes and Free Porn

Sexy actress Amanda Bynes is one of those 20 something stars who isn’t shy to use her cleavage and sexy legs to get some attention. She’s certainly got that look, and loves to show off at every turn. She’s one of those girls hot enough that you wish she did porn, because you would love to see her getting naked!

Meanwhile, speaking of porn, it’s been a good week in my world, with a couple of new porn tube sites up. Free Porn X is a tube with a wide range of “whatever” from hardcore fucking to anal, and whatever else comes up. It’s all just porn, porn, and more porn. More Pussy is an all lesbian and bisexual tube, with streaming videos featuring hot girl on girl action, and threeways with bisexual girls licking each other out and sucking cock too. Very nice and very hot! More stuff coming in the next few days, stay tuned as plenty of stuff is on the go!

Happy New Year 2012

Well, another year grinds to a halt, out of energy and out of time, to be replaced with a fresh new year 2012.

Honestly, 2011 was a hell of a hard year to deal with. The world economy continues to suck, the porn business continues to suck and be self destructive, and pretty much everyone I know has had one or more hardships to face this year. It’s been a tough one to watch everyone I know deal with the issues, but we did it, we made it to the end of the year, and well, thank god for that. We lost a few good people this year, and plenty of bad ones too (bye bye Daffy Ghadafi!). Overall, I am happy to see the year end and I look forward to trying it all again in 2012. Plus as a bonus, Chinese New Year is coming soon, and it’s the year of the Dragon (and being a dragon, this is a good thing for me).

Eve Angel is our feature girl this time out, sexy and cute… check out how she celebrates new year! I have been working on a few new things, one of them is AAA Sex Tube Videos, another porn tube style site packed full of stuff, adding 15-20 new clips per day. Almost all of this one is either hardcore or masturbation scenes. The same simple layout from my other sites is there, it seems popular. Bookmark it! Also, I have been cleaning up and cleaning out stuff and trying to catch up.

Want to celebrate 2012 in a good way? I suggest you try live chat rooms, meet a hotty or seven and have some fun, chat, get naked, whatever it is you like. It’s the new year, party and enjoy! Check out Live Asian girls here, live girls on webcam here, and sexy live MILFs here! Happy New Year 2012!

Porniki The Porn Wiki And Sexy Girls

There are always different things I am working on, and one of my true pass times in life is Porniki, the Porn Wiki. I don’t claim it’s great or totally up to date or has all the best stuff, but it’s my little thing to play with, a great way to post up galleries are stuff for different sites and models. Recently I gave the site a big facelift with a new skin, new layouts, and well, it’s taken off. So if you have never had a look, go on over and see what the porn wiki looks like, and leave me a comment here to tell me how you feel.

Other than that, the other blog that is suddenly going great is Hot Sexy Thing, which is nothing but hot and sexy girls. It’s almost a cheesecake site, except that most of the girls on their get naked or whatever and aren’t too shy. But rather than just go for the obvious spreads, I sort of look at their more sexy moments. There are plenty of hot girls out there, and with all the new amateur girls coming out, it’s fun to see who turns up next!