Kim Kardashian Pregnant Boobs and Other Big Things

kim kardashian pregnant boobsWhile ever girl that gets pregnant ends up getting bigger boobs as they swell up ready for breast feeding, not every girl is Kim Kardashian. This article from the Huffington post sort of sums up the issue, Kim Kardashian is not only pregnant, but she is also still wearing the usual form fitting outfits, while her tits are gaining massively. Kim’s boobs are now almost as huge as her ass, except that her ass is also growing in size right now too, so it’s a bit of a competition. It’s funny to watch her try to stuff all of her new stuff into small little dresses and outfits. If you are into pregnant girls, this is an entirely sexy outcome! Then again, if you are into large breasts, it’s equally interesting, Kim Kardashian has got to be at least an E cup by now, amazing stuff to see!

Aside from Kim, my week so far has been dominated by dealing with local government on a business I am looking to start. Seems that they have some pretty contradictory regulations in place, and both a regulatory board and an industry association that are manditory and both requiring significant investment to keep happy. No such thing as small business, right? Well, it will be a fight to the finish, it’s fun to watch them squirm as I point out the obvious contraditions in their regulations and standards.

Other than that, this week has been all about working on stuff behind the scenes that you don’t normally see. However, I have added some more videos to Porn Star Videos, and that’s a pretty good thing, as well as working on adding some stories to my free erotic stories blog. Enjoy!

Pregnant Jemina Kirke and Other Topless People

topless jemina kirkeIn the crowded universe of flash stardom and passing importance, it’s not surprising what girls will do for attention, most of the time anyway. Jemina Kirke is one of the “stars” of the HBO series Girls, which seems to be a party girl series. Anyway, she’s gotten knocked up for the second time, and now she is a star, I guess she thinks the world needs to see. Pretty normal, except that her pics for Vibe include her completely topless, with her big brown nipple titties out and her bulging belly. It’s pretty much as close to pregnant porn as you can get in the mainstream, and certainly shows that some “stars” will go anything for attention, I guess!

Speaking of topless, it’s been a good few weeks for new amateur girls. I am particularly fond of Lily Figuera, I love Asian girls and this Philippino American girl is stunningly hot, sort of car show / spokesmodel hot and then some. She actually reminds me of a friend of mine, a bootylicious Asian girl who will remain nameless. She’s got the same sort of shape and look, I guess! Anyway, there is also petite blonde Madison Lain, for lovers of girls with tiny tits. She’s really cute and ready for topless and more. Both of these girls are apparently also doing sexy live webcam shows, and that’s a good thing too.

Finally this week, the guys over at Naughty America are celebrating their 5000th scene (holy fuck!) with special promotions and prices. If you love hardcore action, I would really suggest you take a gander at their site here, it’s worth it. These sites are some of the best on the net, and the action is smoking hot!