Mylie Cyrus Nipples, Sex Tapes, and Pr0n

mylie cyrus nipplesSometimes things just slip by when you aren’t paying attention, such as this lovely shot of singer / celebutard Mylie Cyrus and her perky young tits. She is the sort of celebrity you would expect to see in a sex tape one of these fine days, especially if her career starts to wane or the media stops paying attention for a few minutes. I decide to put the pic up only because she has said this week that she would use her body to get your attention long enough to push her causes and charities. It’s also because the last couple of weeks has been dotted with rumors of a Courtney Stodden Sex Tape, originally thought to be solo and then rumors so of went from there. Apparently Vivid Video had a copy of it and were bidding, but suddenly Courtney Stodden got cold feet (or cold tits, whatever) and sent them a cease and desist. That confirms that the tape exists, and for now she isn’t going to let anyone have it. I guess her career hasn’t QUITE hit rock bottom yet.

Meanwhile, there is pr0n… ummm, porn. I have been enjoying working with a new TGP / gallery / site builder software and I have to say I am particularly liking the results of Findpics Free Porn TGP. In some ways, it may end up being a replacement for Findpics Adult Links, but for now they compliment each other so why not keep both, right? The Findpics Galleries have over 1200 galleries already and nearly 500 model profiles, and I am adding a new gallery every hour, all day, every day… so 700 + new galleries a month coming up! It’s already becoming popular, you can Follow Findpics Free Porn on Twitter for updates, and bookmark the site too – and hey, why not tweet about it too? Find your favorite gallery or girl and tell the world why you love them! Show us some love!

That’s all for now, keep your dick up and her face down until the next time!

Tanning Mom Sex Tape and Pokerstars Macau

tanning mom toplessI can’t make this shit up! Tanning Mom, famous for shoe leather skin, recently shot topless pics on a beach and tried to use them as an audition to get Vivid to let her make a sex tape, saying “”I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than Farrah!” and “Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper!”. Fuck me! Vivid’s answer was pretty simple, stating that she pretty much has a face for radio. Zing!

Meanwhile, I was in Macau yesterday (long story) and got to play in one of the first tournaments at the new Pokerstars Live at the City Of Dreams. While I am sure they aren’t checking out adult blogs, I have to say congrats to them for a nicely run event (record single day tournament record for them), and the facility is pretty darn nice. I didn’t make the money, but I did place in the top third, not bad considering it’s my first real tournament in years. If you get the chance to visit Macau, it’s worth the effort… especially if you are a single guy and love sexy Asian girls!

Meanwhile, in the adult world… Hot Sexy Thing blog is turning out to be one of my most popular sites, plenty of new bookmarks there recently and hot girls every day. Also, I have added a number of pornstars to Porniki, with galleries and stuff for Cindy Starfall, Sasha Grey, Stacie Jaxxx, and Christy Mack. I always try to add some new stuff over there, bookmark the site and tell your friends (or use the facebook / G+ / Twitter buttons to like us and spread the word!).

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Porn Tape and Other Stuff

farrah abraham porn tapeShe ain’t my type of girl, but Teen Mom “star” Farrah Abraham has made waves in the last week or so, having filmed what was suppose to end up as a “stolen” home made porn tape with semi-celeb porn peen James Deen. Anyway, the story sort of unraveled, and now she is just trying to get someone to line up and pay her in the millions of watch this scrawny, fake book mommy fuck on tape. Not sure that the world is all that interested in seeing her do the nasty, but at the same time, it’s pretty fun to watch what lengths girls will go to try to stay in the limelight. My guess is that she will be hugging brass poles and picking dollar bills out of a garter soon, the way things are going.

Anyway, speaking of which, I do have a couple of blogs that deal with “home made” porn. Most of it is just about as produced as it gets, but to be fair some of it’s fun. One of the best sites for quality and fun is Daredorm, which is basically dorm room fuck videos with plenty of action. You can also check out the Dirty Amateurs Blog for some hot home made videos, and not to forget the relatively new Naughty Americans, which has plenty of action as well.

Finally, if you are surfing on a mobile phone, check out my new site The Mobile XXX – not so much here yet, but bookmark it because I am planning some nice stuff here for mobile phone users to really enjoy this site!