Japanese Schoolgirls and Fast Cars

busty japanese schoolgirlsThere are a few things in life I really enjoy, Japanese schoolgirls and fast cars are among them! I recently added an update to my hot Schoolgirl Uniform blog with Japanese babe Ria Sakuragi in her real schoolgirl uniform, it’s amazing to see how much can big hidden under there! I love upskirts too, so this shot sort of makes me tingle.

When it comes to fast cars, there is no doubt that I am a far of the old BBC Top Gear and the newer The Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are perhaps the most unlikely trio to work together (it’s said they don’t actually like each other much) but they turn out some of the most entertaining car related shows you will see. While the second season of The Grand Tour isn’t quite as entertaining as season one, it’s still completely top notch, and a reason to give Amazon your money to stream it!

I have also been doing some stuff with Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin Cloud mining. Let’s just say I have a weird feeling I walked into a bubble and it sort of burst behind me. I will make my money back I guess but it’s not going to be anywhere near as profitable as it looked! Oh Well!

I have also been back playing poker on Pokerstars. I really love to play poker, I have played it live in both the US and Asia, and I am middling okay but not good enough to make a living. I really enjoy the challenge, and I am comfortable to know that I basically put some money into the system a couple of months ago and I still have most of it. I recently had my first “win”, finishing with the most chips at the cut off point of a satellite tournament with about 600 entries. I seem to be able to play may way through at least lower level satellite tournaments now, which is a big improvement. I have been following Kevin Martin (KevinM987) on twitch, and really learning a bunch. True No Limit hold’em is a game of super small percentages, and played right you can win. It’s not simple, but I am learning more now than I have earned in nearly 20 years of playing poker in person and online.

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Of Japanese Schoolgirls and Pornstar Conventions

If you are a regular reader of my blog (and I sure hope you are) then you know that I love asian girls. This is something that goes way back to high school, and damn if a hot girl in a japanese schoolgirl uniform sailor suit isn’t just a nice perk in my day. This hot japanese girl is Akiho Yoshizawa, and she does the uniform proud!

Anyway, I just got back from spending a week in Las Vegas hanging around both the Adult Video and the Adult Online conventions. It’s the first time I have been down there for a couple of years, so it was interesting to see everything new and changed. First hot pickup can been seen over at TVVX Porn Tube, a totally hot tool that brings a hot updated and fresh tube style porn site that is packed full of hot videos. If you like your videos in a tube style site, this is worth checking out. I spend some time in a friend’s booth check out sexy Lexi Belle signing autographs and generally being a goofball. This girl has more energy than anyone I have ever met, she went almost non-stop for the whole day. I also met Jana Jordan and a couple of others, and of course Ron Jeremy was out there signing autographs. Overall, an interesting show, I will have some more stuff from there soon enough for you guys to check out.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out the Hot Latina girls at All Spanish Girls blog. It’s new and small, but growing all the time!