Away Too Long and Back With a Vengence

ftvgirlsIt’s been way too long since I posted here, the real world has sort of gotten in the way and taking up way too much time, but I’m back beaches and the party is just getting started. While I was gone an Orange man got elected President of the US, Kim Kardashian got robbed and she got pissed off that they didn’t want to see her naked I guess, and the porn world has pretty much eaten itself alive again. Oh, and I binge watched NCIS Los Angeles and generally enjoyed it too.

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Is Kanye West Into Pegging and Other Wonderful Tales

lemmy motorhead
Sort of a weird world when two things crash into each other via the magic of an internet meme. First off, someone I met and respected for his single mindedness died recently. Lemmy from Motorhead was, for all I could tell, exactly the same guy on and off stage, straight and to the point and more than a little bit on the old school side at times. That makes the quote in this meme just so good, because it’s pretty much exactly what he would have said – that and asking someone to get him another drink!

It plows into Kanye West (aka Kim Kardashian’s husband and baby daddy) getting into a nasty twitter fight with his ex Amber Rose, she of large ass and shaved head fame. At one point, she aluded to the idea that he liked it when she stuck her fingers in his ass during sex. Now that is a pretty wild concept in and of itself, and not something easily explained. However, it made me wonder about the whole Kim and Kanye dynamic. What if the power isn’t Kanye but instead Kim Kardashian with a big strap on dildo pegging him? It’s one of those momentary wild thoughts, I have absolutely no proof, but it may explain why Kanye is sort of angry most of the time, cuz I would be too if I was getting pegged with a big black strap on every night! The thoughts… can anyone confirm this?

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Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass Selfies and other Big Things

kim kardashian ass selfieIt’s pretty amazing to think that not that long ago (less than 6 months) a very pregnant Kim Kardashian was showing off her massive cleavage and getting plenty of attention for her sexy maternity clothes. Now, she is so concerned to lose weight and get back into shape, that she is flaunting her big round ass with a selfie on instagram. Talk about an attention whore, right? I have to admit that she has one hell of an ass, but it’s way too huge for me. But hey, back it up girl!

In the other big things department, well, let’s see. I added another Adult Cams site, more hot live girls 24 hours a day for you guys to enjoy. I also did a major update to Expics Amateurs and Girlfriends, turning the front of it more into a blog and less of just a link site, but it’s all good the links are still there too. I have also been working some other big updates and a few new domains that will go into play later this week, so stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to check out the All Free Erotic Stories site as well, that one updates more or less weekly with fresh new stories!

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Boobs and Other Big Things

kim kardashian pregnant boobsWhile ever girl that gets pregnant ends up getting bigger boobs as they swell up ready for breast feeding, not every girl is Kim Kardashian. This article from the Huffington post sort of sums up the issue, Kim Kardashian is not only pregnant, but she is also still wearing the usual form fitting outfits, while her tits are gaining massively. Kim’s boobs are now almost as huge as her ass, except that her ass is also growing in size right now too, so it’s a bit of a competition. It’s funny to watch her try to stuff all of her new stuff into small little dresses and outfits. If you are into pregnant girls, this is an entirely sexy outcome! Then again, if you are into large breasts, it’s equally interesting, Kim Kardashian has got to be at least an E cup by now, amazing stuff to see!

Aside from Kim, my week so far has been dominated by dealing with local government on a business I am looking to start. Seems that they have some pretty contradictory regulations in place, and both a regulatory board and an industry association that are manditory and both requiring significant investment to keep happy. No such thing as small business, right? Well, it will be a fight to the finish, it’s fun to watch them squirm as I point out the obvious contraditions in their regulations and standards.

Other than that, this week has been all about working on stuff behind the scenes that you don’t normally see. However, I have added some more videos to Porn Star Videos, and that’s a pretty good thing, as well as working on adding some stories to my free erotic stories blog. Enjoy!

Whitehouse Intern Turns Pornstar and Gets Exposure

I have to admit that I have been having fun with this story since it was released. Sammie Spades is a blond pornstar girl, sort of over curvy with some big knockers and such, who probably would toil in the porn world in relative obscurity. She isn’t a glamour porn star by any means, just one of those girls you would like to do if you got the chance. Well, all of that changed recently when it was revealed that a couple of years ago, Sammie Spades was a student, and an intern at the White House for none other than Hillary Clinton herself. This of course lets me discuss Hillary Clinton and porn in the same sentence, perhaps even mentioning Barrack Obama and porn too. The whole story also gives you plenty to think about with those hot looking interns that seem to be around, perhaps some of them will be the next great pornstars after their White House careers expire.

Meanwhile, I have been toiling away on blogs and things, trying to keep up to date. I did a few changes to All Porn Links, nothing major but a little facelift. The live webcam shows continue to be some of the most popular stuff around, and I also have a nice blog about boobs called Firm Tits that is certainly become very popular very quickly.

Oh Yeah, Kim Kardashian is getting married. I wonder if another sex tape will follow, or perhaps a Vogue cover nude pregnant shot or two? Hmm!