Its Been a Hot Minute

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Well I will admit, it’s been an absolute hot minute since I wrote one of these things. Been busy with a hundred other things, working hard, and getting a lot of stuff done. Time just hasn’t come up to take of all the things I have to take care of. Websites and web design sort of got shuffled to the back of the pile.

However, technology has sort of riled up and made life a pain, and I was getting tired of all the issues that kept creeping in to existing sites. See, a https (secured connection) became a thing. It seems like nothing more than 1 letter in a URL, but on the back end of a server it is a living hell. No other way to describe it. It requires changes at the core of a web server, and a ton of changes to each and every site. WordPress makes it easier and way harder. So I have been just plowing my way through that, trying to catch up. The other thing is that (sadly) a number of previously popular membership sites, cam sites, and video streaming sites have all disappeared. So there are some dead links out there to squash too. I can’t even think to make anything new or write much, I just have to cruise along.

So if you want to have some fun in the meantime, one piece of the world works and works well. Tit 4 Free is a massive live cam site with plenty of free enjoyment and then more after that, it’s amazing. Check it out while I hide in a corner and swear at all the work I have to do!

Gaming Video Cards and Porn

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time will know I am a big tech geek at times, and the new NVidia 3000 series GPUs (graphics cards) for PC are getting my attention. The RTX-3080 was released this week and honestly, it’s awesome. You have to remember I have been doing this long enough to remember using paper terminals (literally printing results) and I am not kidding. So seeing how far we have come impresses me. The idea that you can play an immersive racing or first person shooter game at 150 frames per second at a quality that makes it hard to tell from reality is mind blowing to me.

I have to say that the quality is more than enough to enjoy porn or free live cams or Pure Teasing girls

In the world of porn, well, there is the amazing downfall of the famous, infamous, and generally well known Ron Jeremy. I have met and chatted with him a few times, and I can honestly say that it is really too bad that he lost his grip on reality and started to think the real world was a porn movie. Sad to see it happen.

On the up side, most people who know me know I also love girls with tiny tits, small boobs, perky breasts… whatever you want to call it. 2019 and 2020 are turning out to be absolute amazing years for new pornstars with small tits and often really nice nipples. Fake boobs are becoming less and less common, now going back to being associated to girls who have come to porn from the strip club world, or for the typical busty MILF who has had them pumped back up after kids. The freshness of the younger porn starlets with their small boobs is refreshing and fun. You can check out the Zacksxxx Free Porn small tits section for a bunch of galleries of girls with small boobs!

How Sex Chat Live Cams Licks Covid 19

One of the interesting things about working in online porn these days is realizing that beyond everything else, I am helping to provide a service that cuts down on the transmission of Covid 19. Rather than going out and hanging around a crowded bar and coming home frustrated, more and more guys and girls are learning that live sex chat webcam sites are a hell of a lot of fun, very naughty, and in the end a whole lot cheaper and less frustrating than the bars can be. The big bonus is that not only is it very safe sex, it’s also very Covid-19 proof. You can’t catch anything through your screen.

Plus sex chat rooms and webcam sites continue to move forward with higher and higher quality videos. It use to be that HD was a surprise, now there are some girls who stream in 4k! The video quality for some is good enough to put on your big screen TV. Noice!

Also, the really big benefit right now is that many girls (and couples, and guys, if you like) have more spare time and need to make some extra cash. So there has been a total flood of hotties getting naked on cam, new girls you never see before, girls who might otherwise never do this sort of thing, and those girls tend to really get into it and cum like mad live! It’s freaking awesome. Gotta love a newbie who can’t stop cumming!

So yeah, I feel pretty good about it all. There are plenty of free to join live cams, you can check out the Web Cam Directory for some links to hot sex chat sites too!

Even The World Oldest Profession Touched by Virus

The times they are certainly interesting and hard to deal with. The Covid=19 thing has really changed the world, and not just because so many people have been sick and died. Our legitimate fears of getting sick and dying as well have changed our habits, perhaps for good. In Switzerland, legal sex workers are being asked (aka, ordered) by the government to limit themselves to doggy style and reverse cowgirl positions only, so as to not have face to face contact with their clients. In many other areas, legal sex workers have been closed down or otherwise restricted.

In Las Vegas, it’s been the longest time that the Casinos have ever been shut down, and when they do return things like poker that I enjoy so much won’t be in the cards. Anything where customers actually touch cards or dice will be modified to add in sanitizing and cleaning, perhaps partitions, and a ban on standing behind players to watch. It’s also a given that the famous buffets of Vegas will be closed indefinitely, it’s pretty hard to figure out a way to run a buffet without massive risk for cross contamination. All casinos appear to be adding in temperature screening or other methods to check visitors as they enter the casinos, and some reports I have seen suggest that more temperature cameras will be used to survey the entire casino floor over time.

Even porn has been put off by all of this. There has been a real shortage of new scenes as a result of so many companies not being able to legally work. This has meant that live cams like Sexxxx 4 Free have been absolutely flying busy, with tons of people watching and not surprisingly more new girls and couples getting naked and playing live! So it’s sort of a boom time for Sex Chat, Live Cams, and One on One Live Cam services. It’s amazing to see!

Please keep yourself safe, and enjoy the porn!

Social Distancing is Easy Online

Social Distancing is the new catch term for staying away from other people. It’s the 6 foot rule, and that is actually 6 feet and not just the length of your dick! But seriously, it’s important for the moment to avoid being too close to someone…

Except online.

Yup, I am all for online porn as you can imagine, and in these desperate times I can tell you that I am absolutely all for Free Live Cams and Sex Chat Rooms. The safest sex is the one where the other person is on your screen and no coughing on you or covering you in their germs, and it’s the best for them too. Now is the time to be social, get your free membership on these sites, and start enjoying live sex chat rooms.

It’s really important for you to do your part to protect everyone. Stay home, get naked, and get naughty!

This public service announcement brought to you by horny girls waiting for you now!

Sweetness Of Ariel Rebel and Other Stuff

One of the more interesting things for me coming into 2020 has been realizing that many people in the porn world come and go, but a few stay for a very, very long time. Sexy amateur Ariel Rebel is one of those amazing girls who seems to have been around almost forever. I can remember meeting her for the first time at a Webmaster meeting in Montreal, she’s actually sweeter in person that she is online, and that is saying something. She is perhaps my perfect dream girl in many ways, petite, ripe, sexy, natural, sweet, funny, smart as they come, and a really good cook too! She’s a business girl who takes care of her own stuff and has outlasted and outplayed almost every other amateur girl and model online. She has gone from sexy and petite teen girl appearing on the top teen men’s magazines of the day to an amazing 30 something sexy babe and general hotty. She’s amazing, mouth watering sexy and at the same time someone you would love to just sit down and watch a movie with and eat popcorn. She’s that type of non-porn chick perfect. Happy New Year to you Ariel Rebel, keep up the good work and keep cooking too – her Zesty cooking videos are super!

Meanwhile, the porn world has just sort of been dragging on recently. I am noticing a bit of an uptick in actual real porn sites, some new ideas and themes, and at least some new content. We have been through interracial, hardcore anal, and incest stories over the last couple of years, but we seem to be emerging back into a world of relatively nice looking girls who just like to fuck. It seems that while the rap world especially is all hung up on rubber asses and rubber tits, the porn world is shifting back to a more natural, more girl next door, more you are likely to fuck this girl look. I like it!

I also love webcams. Live sex chat is perhaps the ultimate real world experience, something you can’t get any other way. If you don’t already have memberships to Tit 4 Free Chaturbate, Cam Soda live sex chat, and Bonga Cams Hot Live Cams then you need to do it – these three places have huge selections of hotties, live chat, and plenty of action… you gotta do it, this is why you have the internet!

How Quickly a Decade Ran Past

You know, I had this same sort of post 10 years ago… at the end of December 2009 I posted up about how fast a decade goes by. 10 years further on, I find it scary to realize that time is going even faster – and yes, I can sadly say that at a certain point you do become more aware of the click ticking down to the end of your game too. That’s okay, I am trying to have a good time and enjoy life as much as I can, get as many experiences as I can, travel, meet hot girls, and generally have a great time.

December 2019 also marks well more than 20 years running porn sites for your guys enjoyment. My first company in porn was registered in 1997, but I had sites probably a year before that. So 2020 will be 24th year of doing this stuff, and I still enjoy it very much. Many webmasters have come and gone, and I thank you guys and girls for your continuing support! Spread the word on twitter, I guess!

I don’t have a super big ton of news. Honestly, many of the affiliate marketing sites that I use to obtain content and to help pay my bill have either died or gone silent with few if any updates. Thankfully, sites like Blacked, Tushy, and others have kept things going nicely. Also, webcam sites like Tit4Free, Bonga Cams, and other live cam sites have made it a lot of fun. If you don’t have a free cam site membership, click one of those links (or both!) and go get you a free membership. You will certainly appreciate it.

Other than that, counting down the minutes to 2020. Now Y2K problems this time around, I guess! Happy New Year everyone!

Tales of Cuties and Booties

I am constant amazed that porn can be summed up in such simple ways. It’s all about cuties and booties I guess, right? After more than 20 years running adult sites, I can still say that I love seeing the hot girls getting naked and then some. I especially enjoy the first timers and newbies, and that is why I have always been a fan of FTV girls, their girls are all fresh and new and some of them turn out to be real cuties!

On the booties side, if you haven’t realized already anal sex aka Ass Fucking has become pretty much a normal part of mainstream porn. At one point, it was still a bit of a niche marketplace, but from the scenes I have been seeing the last while, butt sex has become way more popular that just straight banging. At the same time, the plumping up of America means that many of the newer girls in porn have nice and well rounded butts too, which only adds to the fun. It’s interesting to watch the trends in porn as they come and go.

Speaking of trends, the one trend you should not miss out on his the Free Live Cams trend. Live cams have all but completely killed the amateur solo girl market, girls prefer just to be live and chat when they can rather than trying to make and maintain a site. I haven’t seen many new sologirl sites in a while, but I have seen plenty of new girls on cams, on sites like Tit 4 Free. It’s really free to join and free to go live, so if you haven’t already, you should check it out and get your free membership!

Finally, I want to mention something about poker. I haven’t been able to play online poker for more than a year now, which is very disappointing. The laws from country to country and for inter-country activities are poor these days, and many countries have disappeared away from the Poker Online world. However, I was able to visit Las Vegas earlier this year, and even without much in the way of practice, I was still able to hit a few smaller regularly scheduled tournaments (20-30 players each) and rock out with some cash at the end. Poker is with you for life, it’s unavoidable. I just with the law makers around the world would stop trying to criminalize a game of skill.

The Return Of Porn and Other Stories

I have to say that 2019 is turning out to be very interesting, both online and for me personally. The return of porn and the return of me working on it harder!

Let’s start out with the return of porn. If you are a follower of the online scene, you know in the last few years porn tube sites have been the huge sucking sounds taking all the fun out of porn. They have made a near endless supply of porn easily available, but at the same time are built on a business model that works to suck cash out of you in other ways – some suggest that includes either selling your personal data or using that data to track you and market to you on third party sites. Remarkably, the quality of the material on these tube sites seems to have declined as they try very hard to make their businesses more profitable. Lower quality videos, hand held home made videos, and so many chopped up things as people try to make money any way they can. Porn Tubes are still incredibly popular, but after a long time of killing the porn world, there actually appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Interestingly, many of the big tube sites are owned by Brazzers, owners of everything from My Dirty Hobby to the Reality Kings sites. While you would think they would stick with their high volume porn tube sites, they have actually been quietly rolling back the clock a bit and signing up girls such as Abella Danger to be exclusive with them for their membership sites. They have been working hard on their sites, and other companies are also bringing new sites online and playing to new ideas that aren’t just more incest porn style sites. It’s fun to watch the adult world have it’s “porn spring”, I guess. More to follow in the next few days, I will be adding many new sites to the porn wiki and to my blogs, so check them out!

For me as well, I am having a porn spring of sorts. I have a few issues in regards to back end programs and services that are either out of date or broken, one in particular related to blogs that is code locked (I can’t change anything) which started to error out because of changes in WordPress in the last couple of years. It took a fair bit of time and effort for me to not only re-create that software on my own, but also to improve it and make it better suited for the job at hand. That has the added benefit of making these updates a little easier to manage, and that has in turn encouraged me back to updating blogs more regularly. So watch this spot, and also check out sites like Pop Up Porn for more regular updates.

Finally, live cams continue to rule. If you don’t have a membership, stop waiting. Tit 4 Free is free to join, you can go right into the live rooms right away, and it’s a blast – Hundreds of girls, couples, lesbians, even shemales… and since it’s free to join, you don’t want to miss out, right? So come on over and enjoy!

Time Flies When You Aint Having Fun

time flies live chatTime very much flies when you ain’t having fun, and my current life schedule means I don’t have as much time to maintain and add things as I would like. It really sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Don’t dispair, our free to join live chat rooms are always up to date and filled with fresh hot girls, couples, and so on. Come play, it’s free to join (really)!

Other than that, the biggest updates as always can be found on Findpics Free Porn, I try to add new galleries and stuff here every day, but it’s not always possible. But the stuff is hot, nearly 10,000 free galleries and nearly 200,000 free images, this site rocks. If you want Interracial, Anal, Gangbangs, or even Titty Fucking we got it for ya!

Also, as always, Our Tiny Tits Blog is updated regularly. No mistaking it, I love small boobs, and I make an extra effort to make sure this site gets updated more regularly. Small tits rock!

Other than that carry on and get your free live chat membership here!