Year of the Horse and More Good Things

chinese new yearIt’s that time of the year again, for those of us living in Asian parts of the world it’s the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival time, one of the biggest and most traditional holidays particularly for Chinese people. In fact, most of China turns into a giant outdoor fireworks display, where some of the truly most dangerous random firing of pyrotechnics hurt and maim a ton of people every year. Happy New Year, right? Anyway, It’s a big deal time of spending with your family, friends, and even a day reserved for those who have passed on. It’s very important stuff, as is the animal of the year. This year it’s the Horse, and that means everything will be done at a trot or faster this year, a year of getting head and moving quickly. Worse comes to worse, check out the hot Asian girls here for some inspiration for the new year!

In that spirit, well, my time is a little limited these days for making new things and getting them live. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t things going on, some of it is in the back ground and some of it will be interesting. I have a pretty fresh take coming on the pornstar world that should be up by the middle of February, and will be something you will want to bookmark and check a few times a day, because it will have a pile of interesting things. Don’t forget also to check out All Free Erotic Stories for your sex stories fix, as well as Major TGP for a listing of hot galleries that updates every day with more hot stuff.

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Zhang Ziyi and Other Asian Things

As Jay-Z said, I got 99 problems… well, sexy Chinese star Zhang Ziyi has a few problems of her own. It seems that she was somewhat involved with a high official in China, now disgraced. “Zhang Ziyi, is demanding an apology from the Apple Daily after it published claims she had sex with now purged Communist chief Bo Xilai for $1 million a session”. Bo Xilai is up to his neck in it, and now everyone even remotely related to him is getting looked at. It’s scary to watch them go. If true, the rumors show that there is a very seedy underside even in China!

Speaking of which, I spent the last few weeks in the Chinese area (including visiting the country), and had a great time. Plenty of visits to Macau and it’s fine casinos and other facilities, and of course, plenty of great meals and adventures in Hong Kong. It’s an amazing place that I intend to make my home, I can’t resist!

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