Free Porn Pig Gets a Major Overhaul

free porn pigFor those of you who are loyal readers, you will know that one of my oldest blogs is a site called Porn Pig’s Porn Party. This site has been around since about 2006, and it has had pretty much the same design and layout since 2008. While the design was nice, it was also not entirely up to date with all of the things that are possible these days, so the Free Porn Pig site got a nice refresh in the last week and looks better than ever. I have a bunch more stuff to add on there yet, but the new layout is smooth, sexy, and easy to get through, and the images (and upcoming video clips) hotter than ever. It’s worth checking out the pig!

Also in this latest batch of updates I have improved the layout and added a bunch of new sets into Amateur Masturbation, Hottest Teens, and Hot Amateur Pussy. All three of these sites have new responsive style themes, which means they are easier and cleaner to view on any screen from your mobile phone to your big screen TV. In each case, these sites are also seeing much more images and such directly on the site itself, more features coming, better search, and overall just more of the hot sexy stuff you guys really love.

I have plans for a whole bunch more sites to get responsive designs in the next few weeks, I want your mobile porn surfing to be as much fun as sitting at a desktop – and just as sexy! Oh, and don’t forget to get your free membership to this live webcam site now!

Ellen Page Wears Boys Underwear For A Reason

ellen page gayWell, if you had any sexual fantasies about actress Ellen Page, you may want to reconsider a little re-write to the script. Seems that Ellen Page has come out as gay, which sort of explains the humor in this “I wear boys underwear” shot. Now of course, if you were having lesbian fantasies about her, you are spot on and keep it up, and the rest of us will have to rebuild our naughty thoughts to match up with this new carpet licking reality!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Chinese New Year is over (15 freaking days worth if you are totally into it all), and now the new year begins in earnest. With it comes a whole bunch of changes on many of my sites, I have a goal to overhaul 150 blogs in the next month or so with new designs, layouts, and tons more hot content. You can see some of the results on sites like this hardcore porn blog, the creampie pussy blog, and on Amateur Hotty blog. These are just three of the examples of new layouts, mostly using responsive themes that mean the sites will look good on mobile devices as well as on PC screens. There are plenty of hot updates coming. Also, my Nude Babe Blog continues to grow, I try to add new stuff there every day, it seems to be pretty popular as I am seeing tons of people coming back every day – bookmark it and enjoy!