In a World of Jenner Fake Cakes

fake cakesFake cakes. Ass implants. Pump up posteriors. Until a very short time ago, it was something that few people talked about, and even fewer admitted to. But with the arrival of Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalia, Blac Chyna, and a few others, we have suddenly be overwhelmed with obviously pumped up butts. The funny part is that they are so obviously fake, that it’s sort of gross. Yet, there we go, suddenly having a small waist and a huge ass is popular. Go figure. To that end, I have some blogs like Amazing Asses and Bend Over Babe for those who like big sexy butts!

Otherwise, the Olympics are on (and I am happily ignoring them), most people around me don’t seem to give a crap either so perhaps we are starting a new tradition, of totally, utterly ignoring the over price spectacle of government driven drug fuel athletes performing for the profits of TV networks and Olypic organizing committee members. Good on them, I guess! Screw them, and instead go for some cock suckign fun at the Blowjob Zone Tube.

Oh, and a small update on the weight front, it’s been a long time but I figured I would post this up because at least one person would shit themselves. 162 punds again this morning, same as December 2006 – yup, 10 years later, still the same. Do I win yet? Anyway, eat right, gets lot of exercise, and enjoy free porn now!

7 More Spins of the Planet

One of the best things about working online is that I get to keep up with all the news and stuff. Tech News is particularly interesting to me, so I set up a splog (blog of blogs) called Kizo Tech News to link to some of the better tech news sites out there. It’s a good site to bookmark if you are looking to pick up the latest news about computers, tech toys, cell phones, xbox video games, and all sorts of other stuff.

I also get to check out plenty of hot girls, like sexy Lucie Theodorova who’s picture I am featuring this time. This hot girl reminds me that no matter how hot a girl I think I have found, there is always at least one that is even hotter. I also started working on a new blog called Outdoor Pussy, which is all about public nudity, girls who will show the pink in public places and whatnot. It’s pretty hot, the really good scenes are harder to find, but I am having fun writing it. Also, don’t forget to check out Porniki Porn Wiki for new stuff, I add reviews and galleries over there all the time.

Eva Longoria in a Bikini and other things

eva longoria bikini sexy wetI suspect there are a fairly large number of you who aren’t really interested in the other things, but Eva Longoria in a bikini is a pretty hot concept, let me tell you. This Desperate Housewives star certainly has it going on, especially in the all important rear view. She certainly does fill a bikini with the best of them!

I guess the other thing is this reminds me that Labor Day weekend is here,which in turn means that summer is pretty much over and back to school is upon us. For you (over 18) university students, you would probably want to bookmark Pornpig’s Porn Party so you can find fresh new pr0n to enjoy every day, and tell your friends about it too. That’s a good thing to do.

What’s new this week? Well, mostly I have been working under the hood on stuff that isn’t so easy to show off, but safe to say it does lay the groundwork for some interesting new stuff. The blogs that I think are the hottest this week is Titu – Tits University, there are plenty of nice boobs over there, and Pudsucker, for all you guys that love to see what a girl can do with their mouths! Don’t forget to check out the new porn links updated daily at Link2x Fresh Porn, it’s certainly fresh 🙂

Oh yeah, for all you American readers out there, the political season is in full swing. Remember to register and VOTE. Otherwise you have no right to bitch about the results after!

162… the bottom

Well, I just wanted to update this section… I had forgotten to put a final and closing update here so I figure I will add this and maybe one more post later…

I weighed in at 162 this morning.   Having started this whole this somewhere around 195, I would have to say that I rank up there are a success.  As time has gone on I have slowly let a middling amount of carbs back in my life, but Atkins certainly has changed me for good, I think.  I don’t eat potatoes, fries, things like that.  I still remove about half the bun from a hamburger, and I don’t eat the outside crust when I have pizza. Sugary drinks are gone, never to come back.  I am sure that Pepsi and Red Bull has both suffered a sales hit as a result of my dropping of them off the list.

I haven’t been eating as well recently as I had in the past, but I have been monitoring my weigh closely to make sure it doesn’t creep up, keeping things basically anywhere from 161 to 165 depending on the day and various other bodity function related deals.  Consistantly checking my weight and paying attention to the fit of clothes is keeping me motivated, and much of the stuff has become habit, so I don’t even think about it.

It worked for me, and it could work for you… heck, I could even have a pizza from Coronet Pizza in St Laurent to celebrate… kewl!

170… yeah baby!

I posted this elsewhere, but I figure I should put it here… power of willpower, desire, and effort coming together:

I weigh 170!

That was about 5 days ago, and since I have been hovering… 170, 171, 172 depending on the time of the day.  That means 23 pounds (or about 11%) drop in total body weight since the start of the year, and a really positive outlook as a result.  With the weather coming back to nice, my bicycle is getting a workout again, and I am back to getting into decent shape.  I haven’t played as much badminton in the last little while as timing has been horrible (and one of the best places to play closes on the weekends during the summer) so I haven’t hooked up.  But in the mean time, I am working on being in better shape and getting some endurance, and that will make it all easier.

I am living proof that Atkins does work, if you follow not only the rules of the diet but the feeling of your body and your spirit.  I have eaten pizza and chinese food and greek food and many things that are “not in the diet” and still done well, because those things are balanced out and not a day to day thing.   I haven’t been near a McDonalds  or the like since this started, and I truly don’t miss them.  I miss soft drinks a bit, I miss ice tea very much (lemon and sugar… not good!), and I miss being able to just eat whatever whenever without worry.  I tend to work some pretty insane hours, and I get hungry late and I have to be careful, those use to be the MickeyD times…

Overall good, now I keep going more for shape and look rather than the actual number, but I will watch the number (and probably post a picture at 169 just to make myself smile)

172-171… I guess I was right

Well, after some of the stuff I have talked about in the last week or so, I guess I was right about plateauing out at 175.  By backing away and not attacking too hard, I have been able to balance back out and the weight has started to come off again a if by magic.

This morning the scale said 171 and the stuttered over to settle on 172, so very close indeed.

More importantly, I am no longer trying too hard.  I am keeping an eye on things, getting stuff done, but basically I am just not getting too excited about anything and just eating reasonably well, and boom… weight loss.

So we will see how it goes, I guess.

173 – etc

I must say that dieting can get pretty boring after a while.  Atkins is a wonderful concept that really does seem to get results (I got a friend of mine going on it as well, he has had similar results to me, which is good).  However, part of Atkins that really does suck is that the food selection is rather limited and the combinations not always very appealing.

I haven’t eaten any of the Atkins branded food, but from everything I have read most low carb substitutes for breads and cereals are pretty much between bland and crap.  I don’t have any interest in paying out the big dollars to find out the stuff is not enjoyable, and being in Canada, the only options are all fairly pricey.  So that gets cut off from the list, which leaves me most selection in the veg sections.  I am not a big veg guy, so I feel pretty darn cramped.

The results have been excellent, but I now know for certain that I have no interest in living a long term super low carb lifestyle.  It creates social issues for spending time with my friends (right now I am basically a bitch to eat out with, most places are just not suitable for a super low carb diet),  means I spend more time shopping for food and preparing it rather than enjoying it, and I spend inordinant amounts of time trying to plan meals and such if I do want to go out with friends.   It is a burden rather than a help.

A little story.  When I quit drinking (after getting poisoned at a webmaster event by someone who slipped something into a drink) I had to deal with the issues of social situations.  Going out with people and having them buy a round of shots, only to find out that I won’t drink it (“come on, it’s just a shot!”), dealing with how to order things in public places, how to not slip back down the slope… dealing with a personal version of the 12 steps that makes me an honorary friend of Bill… some things are hard to do, and honestly only that my body would get violently ill at the slightest hint of booze kept me on the line in the first year.  The offers, the shots right in my hand were powerful temptations to avoid.
In the end, the social aspects of not drinking are way harder to master and control than the need for a drink.  I don’t need a drink anymore at all nor do I crave it, which makes me feel better about myself.   But those social situations, the stares, the looks… people assuming you have a “personal problem” because you choose not to drink.  It is a tough road to hoe.

Atkins for me feels the same way.  I have never had an issue in my life with being different (I pretty much have always marched to my own drummer, fife, and bagpipes), but this hits in a weird sort of circumstances that requires me to be something that truly isn’t socially acceptable:  I can’t eat out without ripping menus apart and being a real pain in the ass to eat with (I have already done water and coffee for a meal while my friend ate because nothing on the menu would come close).  I don’t like that feeling, I don’t like making excuses for not being able to go out.

The other part of the deal which annoys me is that very few if any restaurants in Canada (and especially Montreal) seem to be clued in on Atkins / Low Carb lifetsyle choices.  Most places don’t, as an example, have a simple choice alternative to potatoes that isn’t another starch (rice, noodles… hello carbs!), and almost none of the servers are able to tell me if the meat would be breaded or if the sauce would be natural or thickened, or if the univeg of the day has a sauce.  Try to order anything with that, and it is pretty much a dead end.  I have yet to find a single establishment with lowcarb choices on the menu that are actually very low carb.   Atkins isn’t ready for prime time in Montreal, that is for sure.

Anyway, I am lucky in many ways.  I am approaching my target weight, I have slowly been readding carbs into my diet, and I am getting more exercise than before.  This whole process is teaching me good from bad, and has helped me to wean myself totally away from sugar drinks (pop or soda, depending on where you live) and making better food choices.  I won’t stop ordering better stuff when I go out, and I certainly won’t go back to the high starch high sugar situation that got me where I was to start.  But I do know that I need to be able to live and be social, to eat reasonably and stay fit.

More news as I keep going and attempt to flatline my weight for a while… 🙂

174 this morning

I have been working this week to open my body up to a bit more food types and some more carbs, allowing an occassional slip and whatnot to see what is going on.  My weight loss pretty much flattened out at 175 (I think I have hit a sort of plateau, something I will need to address) so I figured after almost 4 weeks of Atkins pretty much well done, I need to take a sort of break.  Not a “go back to McDonalds” type thing, but rather to just allow a little more stuff and let my body (and liver) take a break from constant ketotis.  Then given a couple of days, I can flip back on and take a shot at getting past that plateau I am on.

I played some badminton last night, but as it was out season ender party I did cheat slightly on some stuff, but small portions and just enough to enjoy the tastes, not really eating.  This morning, I am 174, which is not a terrible thing.  So from now until probably Saturday, I am still “on the diet” just not keeping as good track of things for a couple of days to relax myself.  Then Saturday I will do another sort of induction, trickle over into ketotis again, and get to work in the gym as well to push things.  My original goal was 170ish, but now I am a little more agressive and looking for 165, which would be major wow.

Anyway, I will keep it up 🙂

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Another wonderful rainy uck kind of a day… but at least I am in a good mood.

First off, the weight thing:  175 again this morning, I certainly feel that I am on a plateau right now, but that should change over the next few days as exercise becomes part of the game.  I am looking forward to some intense badminton today, again tomorrow, and some lighter work on Tuesday.  After that I will be a YMCA member again, so I will have the ability (but not sure about desire) to go to work out or at least play more badminton.  If I chase around enough I can find badminton to play every day or at least every other day, so that isn’t bad.   I am aiming to get good enough to qualify for tournament play this fall.

If the weather gets a little drier, the bicycle will be back in service as well.  I have to be careful because my knees are not up to that much on the bike for now, but a little bit every day (even 20-30 minutes around the neighborhood) will help to work the muscles and build up a little wind, all the while encouraging my system to pull fats and turn them into energy.  Bike riding is good because you use some of the biggest muscles in your body, which means you have the potential to use much energy.  Overall not a bad thing.

As for other things, well, I will be working some more on the new movie review site which for the moment is mostly headline news rather than deep and detailed reviews.  However, I am hoping to change that around over time, and encourage people to post reviews.  Hey, check the site out, maybe you want want to write reviews as well.

There will certainly be some porn slung today too.  Want some sexy live porn?  Click here for Sexy Live Porn – well, actually, it is a site I own with the new live Amsterdam feed right on the page.  Check it out and enjoy 🙂