Eva Longoria in a Bikini and other things

eva longoria bikini sexy wetI suspect there are a fairly large number of you who aren’t really interested in the other things, but Eva Longoria in a bikini is a pretty hot concept, let me tell you. This Desperate Housewives star certainly has it going on, especially in the all important rear view. She certainly does fill a bikini with the best of them!

I guess the other thing is this reminds me that Labor Day weekend is here,which in turn means that summer is pretty much over and back to school is upon us. For you (over 18) university students, you would probably want to bookmark Pornpig’s Porn Party so you can find fresh new pr0n to enjoy every day, and tell your friends about it too. That’s a good thing to do.

What’s new this week? Well, mostly I have been working under the hood on stuff that isn’t so easy to show off, but safe to say it does lay the groundwork for some interesting new stuff. The blogs that I think are the hottest this week is Titu – Tits University, there are plenty of nice boobs over there, and Pudsucker, for all you guys that love to see what a girl can do with their mouths! Don’t forget to check out the new porn links updated daily at Link2x Fresh Porn, it’s certainly fresh 🙂

Oh yeah, for all you American readers out there, the political season is in full swing. Remember to register and VOTE. Otherwise you have no right to bitch about the results after!