Melania Trump is not a Hooker and Other Stories

melania trump not a hookerWithout a doubt, two of the best things about the Trump presidency is his knock out daughter Ivanaka and his former super model wife Melania Trump. Now, Melania Trump topless images do exist, as well as full nudes (no frontal nudity, but certainly some butt visible stuff). She worked as a model in her native country, in Europe, and in America apparently, and some of those sets were fairly revealing. It’s not unusual for a model to expose herself at different times in the fashion world. There are rumors (apparently not true about her work outside of modeling, but let’s make it clear. Melania Trump is not a hooker, and the New York Times reporter who said that has apologized. Please note that Melania Trump has lawyers on speed dial to sue anyone who would suggest she was paid for sex. I am certainly not going there, but I have to say that the whole story has been absolutely fascinating to watch play out. It’s sort of a battle between unnamed sources, second hand information, and suggestive images versus a very rich woman with a whole legal team ready to pounce on anyone who suggests it. No doubt that Melania Trump is a MILF, but let’s keep it in our pants for now, okay? Don’t even get me started on Ivanaka Trumps big boobies!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet couple of weeks around here. Working hard on some things that aren’t out yet, getting great feedback on the free to join live sex chat rooms from Tit 4 Free, and enjoying some naughty incest sex stories too. Damn you guys are naughty, you love them family fuck stories! You also seem to love hot wife erotic stories from 4 Free Stories, thousands of you hot there every day looking for the latest slutty wife erotica. Why not tweet about it and tell your friends?

Destiny Moody Gives You The Finger And Other Hard Things

destiny moody fingerI truly think I have fallen in love with sologirl Destiny Moody. This girl is super hot and sexy and matches a killer look and a hot body with a playful enough attitude to make it all fun. I laugh at her silly shots and drool on her lovely breasts, she’s a walking dream.

Her finger may be about work, because that’s all I have had the last little while. I am in the process of going through literally hundreds of domains, thousands of websites, and nearly a million pages of html and images in a wild spring cleaning blitz. So much has changed in the online world in the last few years, and to be honest it’s a little overwhelming to keep up with. It takes a lot more effort to maintain so many sites, so I am looking at some changes. So sorry if you run into any dead links or redirections in the next few weeks, it’s just me cleaning stuff up and making it possible to bring you the best online entertainment I can. The truly good news is that I have a number of new sites that have proven to be quite popular in basically inpromoted pre-release, and as soon as they are up and rocking I will be here to tell you all about them. One thing for sure, Free Erotic Stories continues to be a new site that does well, so check it out and bookmark it and tell your friends too!

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Boobs and Other Big Things

kim kardashian pregnant boobsWhile ever girl that gets pregnant ends up getting bigger boobs as they swell up ready for breast feeding, not every girl is Kim Kardashian. This article from the Huffington post sort of sums up the issue, Kim Kardashian is not only pregnant, but she is also still wearing the usual form fitting outfits, while her tits are gaining massively. Kim’s boobs are now almost as huge as her ass, except that her ass is also growing in size right now too, so it’s a bit of a competition. It’s funny to watch her try to stuff all of her new stuff into small little dresses and outfits. If you are into pregnant girls, this is an entirely sexy outcome! Then again, if you are into large breasts, it’s equally interesting, Kim Kardashian has got to be at least an E cup by now, amazing stuff to see!

Aside from Kim, my week so far has been dominated by dealing with local government on a business I am looking to start. Seems that they have some pretty contradictory regulations in place, and both a regulatory board and an industry association that are manditory and both requiring significant investment to keep happy. No such thing as small business, right? Well, it will be a fight to the finish, it’s fun to watch them squirm as I point out the obvious contraditions in their regulations and standards.

Other than that, this week has been all about working on stuff behind the scenes that you don’t normally see. However, I have added some more videos to Porn Star Videos, and that’s a pretty good thing, as well as working on adding some stories to my free erotic stories blog. Enjoy!

Shania Twain and a New Porn Tube Site

Been laying low and working hard, plenty of things to do and things are changing more rapidly than normal. Hard to keep focused, but my day is made when I run into a sexy picture of Canadian Singer Shania Twain (or as we use to call her, Choo-choo Twain). Shania is one of those absolutely amazing stunning sexy ladies, sort of like Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyageur). Interestingly, they both also share great discomfort in being considered sexy or sexual. Hmm.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. This week I opened a new porn tube site. TVVX is sort of a mixed bag right now, I am trying to get use to the software and see if it does all that I want it to do. There will be access to about 1000 videos over there shortly, plenty already, from various sites and such. Check it out and give some feedback, let me know what you think. I think this XXX tube thing might be interesting. I also have been working on my various blogs, the most popular by far is the Free Erotic Stories blog, followed by the tiny tits blog. New ones include my We Live Together lesbian blog, check it out!