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Mila Kunis Cleavage and The End Of Winehouse

Mila Kunis is certainly making a big impression on the world, and cleavage shots like this make a big impression on me. I didn’t picture her to be super busty or anything, but this Mila Kunis Cleavage shot is more than enough to catch my eye! Her new movie Friends With Benefits makes pretty much every guy dream of getting to pound her, too bad she flaked out and used a stunt ass rather than her own sexy behind!

Sad news of course is the death of Amy Winehouse. It’s sad because of the talent lost, but frustrating because the people who got her hooked on smack and encouraged her destructive lifestyle will all walk away like nothing happened. It’s sad to see it happen, but I guess she finally has peace, right?

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Brooke Mueller Apparently Not #Winning

If there is anything funnier than a celeb whoring themselves out for attention, it’s a celeb who probably wishes the cameras would just go away. Brooke Mueller is one of those people right now. She is a celeb mostly because of her failed marriage to Charlie Sheen, he of #winning fame. That fame is mostly due to some fairly public and well known intoxicated adventures, including the case that got Charlie in trouble a couple of years ago for a domestic dispute. Brooke and Charlie have two kids, they fight over custody, and now Brooke is apparently back in rehab after falling off the wagon, getting caught on tape in a pawn shop trying to sell some stuff and hooking more than a little hinky doing it, it appears. She is certainly a celeb that wishes the cameras would just go away.

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Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

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