Not a Repost, Amanda Bynes Goes Batshit Crazy Again

amanda bynes bathsit crazy I can honestly say that I am not shocked to be writing this, but it is a bit sad.  Just over a year ago grown up child star Amanda Bynes lost the plot, and ended up held on a 5150 psyche exam thing, which turned into a conservatorship by her parents because she was bipolar and a danger to herself and others.   She was literally batshit crazy.  Well, the doctors got her on the right meds, and Amanda recovered nicely, returning to school (fashion) and generally seeming to be all that more normal.  Well, a year on, everything was going well and the conservatorship ended, and the predictable happened:  She apparently stopped taking the doctor provided meds, started to smoke a lot of weed and stuff, and well, Amanda Bynes went batshit crazy again.  She literally took the plane to crazy town (New York for her) and spent a couple of weeks wandering around being weird, shoplifting, smoking dope, and generally just sort of scaring people.  In the end, Sam Lufti (the guy who apparently took advantage of a fucked up Britney Spears just before her conservatorship happened) and told her that he would help her sue her parents back in California.  He arranged the car to pick her up at the airport, which instead of taking her to the promised lawyer, instead took her to a hospital to get locked up on another 5150 – and the parents are back looking for a conservatorship again.  Literally, she went batshit crazy again, and hopefully this time she gets the support she needs for the rest of her life, not just long enough to get the bats out of the belfry.

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Amanda Bynes Loses The Plot and Other Things

amanda bynes braI have written about sexy Amanda Bynes before, she’s quite a piece, a girl who has gone from child star to wild adult, and has certainly kept the press attention all the way along. However, the last few months got wild, and I wrote about her downward spiral on Putaface back in May. Sure enough, she has been locked up on a 5150 exam after some truly weird acts, and basically it appears she is schizophrenic, and they are medicating her pretty solidly to keep her from losing the plot again. Meanwhile, the courts have ordered to stay locked up for now. She’s a totally sexy girl, but like many hotties, she’s not all that stable I guess!

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Teen Mom Gets It In the Back Door

backdoor teen momIf you have been hiding under a rock or manage somehow to avoid it altogether, you may still want to take the time to check out Farrah Abraham’s Backdoor Teen Mom video. Basically, this girl was an underage mom on an MTV reality series, and now she’s 20, got herself some fake boobs, and takes a porn dude’s dick in her butt in what was suppose to be a stolen home video but they sort of fucked it up and it didn’t get out right. Either way, the action is entertaining, in it’s own weird way, and something you may want to check out so a few years from now you can say “I remember when she was taking it in the ass for cash!”.

Other than that, let’s see. Celeb / movie sort of star / tv sort of star / whatever Amanada Bynes got arrested this week for being weird, mostly. Apparently the cops came looking for weed or something, and this girl chucked her bong out the window. Later she claimed it’s not a bong, it’s a vase. Oh, and the cops “slapped my vagina”, and so on. The shots of her wearing some weird ass blond wig are classic, and her mugshot shows that at this point, she’s almost done a full on Britney Spears, just about shaving her head. Wildness!

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Sexy Amanda Bynes and Free Porn

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