Video editor available

Just wanted to let everyone who reads this know that amoungst all my other work, I also do video editing and DVD work. Basically, I can take raw footage and turn it into a decent looking final product, not a masterpiece (yet) but certainly as good as most anything you will see out there in the adult world, and getting better all the time.

I have taken and passed video editing, photoshop, and production classes at Concordia University in Montreal.

if you want more in, just drop me a line.

Just an added note: As a result of new US customs rules regarding declarations of material on videos and in DVDs, I am unable to ship adult oriented materials to the US. Basically, they want me to declare that material is not obscene, but there is no single accepted standard for obscene. Depending on the shipper I would use, the tapes may be inspected in a very conservative part of the US, which would mean the most restrictive rules could apply (imagine an inspection in Utah, example). As a result of the uncertainty, I cannot take a risk on making what could turn out to be considered a false declaration. So the US market is excluded for this material (any material requiring 2257 documentation, effectively).