Its Been a Hot Minute

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Well I will admit, it’s been an absolute hot minute since I wrote one of these things. Been busy with a hundred other things, working hard, and getting a lot of stuff done. Time just hasn’t come up to take of all the things I have to take care of. Websites and web design sort of got shuffled to the back of the pile.

However, technology has sort of riled up and made life a pain, and I was getting tired of all the issues that kept creeping in to existing sites. See, a https (secured connection) became a thing. It seems like nothing more than 1 letter in a URL, but on the back end of a server it is a living hell. No other way to describe it. It requires changes at the core of a web server, and a ton of changes to each and every site. WordPress makes it easier and way harder. So I have been just plowing my way through that, trying to catch up. The other thing is that (sadly) a number of previously popular membership sites, cam sites, and video streaming sites have all disappeared. So there are some dead links out there to squash too. I can’t even think to make anything new or write much, I just have to cruise along.

So if you want to have some fun in the meantime, one piece of the world works and works well. Tit 4 Free is a massive live cam site with plenty of free enjoyment and then more after that, it’s amazing. Check it out while I hide in a corner and swear at all the work I have to do!

The Return Of Porn and Other Stories

I have to say that 2019 is turning out to be very interesting, both online and for me personally. The return of porn and the return of me working on it harder!

Let’s start out with the return of porn. If you are a follower of the online scene, you know in the last few years porn tube sites have been the huge sucking sounds taking all the fun out of porn. They have made a near endless supply of porn easily available, but at the same time are built on a business model that works to suck cash out of you in other ways – some suggest that includes either selling your personal data or using that data to track you and market to you on third party sites. Remarkably, the quality of the material on these tube sites seems to have declined as they try very hard to make their businesses more profitable. Lower quality videos, hand held home made videos, and so many chopped up things as people try to make money any way they can. Porn Tubes are still incredibly popular, but after a long time of killing the porn world, there actually appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Interestingly, many of the big tube sites are owned by Brazzers, owners of everything from My Dirty Hobby to the Reality Kings sites. While you would think they would stick with their high volume porn tube sites, they have actually been quietly rolling back the clock a bit and signing up girls such as Abella Danger to be exclusive with them for their membership sites. They have been working hard on their sites, and other companies are also bringing new sites online and playing to new ideas that aren’t just more incest porn style sites. It’s fun to watch the adult world have it’s “porn spring”, I guess. More to follow in the next few days, I will be adding many new sites to the porn wiki and to my blogs, so check them out!

For me as well, I am having a porn spring of sorts. I have a few issues in regards to back end programs and services that are either out of date or broken, one in particular related to blogs that is code locked (I can’t change anything) which started to error out because of changes in WordPress in the last couple of years. It took a fair bit of time and effort for me to not only re-create that software on my own, but also to improve it and make it better suited for the job at hand. That has the added benefit of making these updates a little easier to manage, and that has in turn encouraged me back to updating blogs more regularly. So watch this spot, and also check out sites like Pop Up Porn for more regular updates.

Finally, live cams continue to rule. If you don’t have a membership, stop waiting. Tit 4 Free is free to join, you can go right into the live rooms right away, and it’s a blast – Hundreds of girls, couples, lesbians, even shemales… and since it’s free to join, you don’t want to miss out, right? So come on over and enjoy!

Starting Off The Year with a Bang (and a Thud)

keep calm and visit pornikiWell, here we are, working it out in 2019. Yup, making updates and getting back to it, trying to work my schedule so I have more time for the enjoyable world of porn. To that end, I am adding as much stuff as I can to Porniki the Porn Wiki including a category for 2019 AVN Award Nominees and basically cleaning up a whole bunch of stuff. I realized the other day that Porniki has been around for 15 years, so I figure it deserves some love. So I am adding galleries, pornstars, sites, and tons of other updates and trying to do it more regularly. If you like the site, tell your friends or follow Porniki on Twitter.

On the other side of that coin, Findpics Free Porn and it’s sister sites are all getting more galleries, there are now almost 10,000 free porn galleries and about 150,000 free porn pics available, and updating every couple of hours with fresh free porn. I have a huge backlog of galleries over here to add, so if I get far enough ahead I will adjust that to update every hour… so passing 10K free galleries soon and heading directly to 20k!

Finally, I was making some updates and ran across my friend Ariel Rebel. This girl is from my home town (Montreal) and she’s a smoking hotty who started out as a barely legal teen (appearing all over the place), and running her own site, production company, foodie channel, and all sorts of stuff. She’s past coed and on to just being a general babe, and she’s still petite, hot, naughty, and has a really cute ass too! She’s camming more now, and you can check out Ariel Rebel’s Live cam here. She’s a hotty!

Well Here Comes 2019

happy ne wyear 2019aWell, 2019 is almost upon us (or maybe here already when you get to read this). I was looking back a bit and realizing that the oldest domain I own – – is now more than 20 years old. Damn, I have been doing online porn and live cams way too long! It’s humbling and amazing to think that many of my readers have been with me all along. Thanks a ton guys and girls, and hopefully 2019 will be a good year.

One of the sad traditions of the new year is that it’s the time of year when existing porn programs go out of business. While things have been slowly but surely dropping off for the last 5 years or so, it seems that Christmas time is when I find out who will make it into the new year. Got a couple this year (including Glamour Models Gone Bad, which I suspect wasn’t making enough to pay for credit card processing anymore). On the other side, I can tell you that LIve Cam sites continues to rock, and my white label Live Cam site Tit 4 Free is truly a popular place to go. If you haven’t already, go get yourself a free membership and enjoy the live stuff. It’s incredible, and one of the few things that can’t be pirated in 20 seconds!

The other positive I am seeing is that a few more sites are active and getting more active instead of shutting down. Nubiles has expanded to a whole host of entertaining sites with the same high quality of girls and really nice video quality, sites like Bratty Sis (which is a “step brother” style incest based site) is really rocking.

Crashing Bitcoins and Sexy Live Cams

live camsThe day after the Superbowl is often a bit of a weird time online. The hangover, at least for American users, is heavier than New Years. But I have a cure for your hangover, which is sexy live cams with hot girls, couples, guys, shemales… pretty much whatever you like, and they are free to join and go live. You can check out Live Cams Live Girls and either celebrate your team winning, console yourself if they lost, and get yourself off if you don’t give a fuck about American football. It’s all good, and your membership is free.

In other news, Bitcoin values are crashing. If you are online much, it’s probably not news because it’s all over the place. Bitcoin came in just shy of $20,000 to start the year, and it’s been pretty much straight downhill ever since. According to Google as I write this, 1 Bitcoin equals 6089.98 US Dollar. That means that about 70% of the value has evaporated faster than water off a sexy girl’s ass at the beach. It’s pretty scary to see. I do some cloud mining, and that is almost underwater as we speak, even with a low buy in price. It’s pretty funny! You can check out my Bitcoin Mining blog for some more info and whatnot.

Another thing on my list is poker. Yup, as I mentioned before, I am back at it, shitty as ever I guess. I have had a few good finishes and won some stuff, better than nothing I guess. I have come to the conclusion that this may be my life long addiction game of choice, it’s been 20 plus years and I still enjoy it, even if I may never be all that good at it. I wrote a whole blog post about it that I haven’t published yet, I was actually considering making a poker related blog or something, but maybe not.

Finally, don’t forget that Findpics Free Porn updates every couple of hours with another new gallery, more than 8000 galleries already there and it’s fast and easy to deal with – also check out Porn Star Videos for some hot free tube style porn videos too!

The Ashley Madison Hack and The Implications

dating site hackedThe Ashley Madison hack story is for me somewhere between the gift that keeps giving (outing some of the most noxious of Conservative types as two faced cheaters), and a seagull circling over your head, dropping shit on you at every other turn. It’s sort of a manic depressive situation that really sort of makes me shake my head.

The good: Watching idiots like Josh Duggar (fucking self-righteous puke) getting exposed AGAIN as a liar and a cheat is fucking awesome. This is the sort of proof that the whole conservative values thing is crap, and that some of the biggest pervs are the ones who lie about it by pretending to be better than everyone else. It’s freaking awesome to see some of the names turning up on the membership list, and watching them have to publicly backtrack from their naughty secrets revealed.

The bad: Some people can’t handle the exposure, and reportedly a couple have already taken their own lives as a result. It’s pretty sad, but at the same time shows the insane level of conflict between their public face and their private desires. It’s a sort of crock of shit situation where we need to perhaps all learn to just shut up and enjoy ourselves, and not try to put on airs of being better than others. Nature makes us want to fuck, plain and simple, why deny reality?

The interesting: I think the most interesting thing here is just how many people were involved. Online dating, porn, and the like isn’t a marginal or unusual thing, it’s pretty much the norm. There are risks involved, but it’s not something you should be that shy about.

The implications of the hack for the online world is pretty large. There is no reason why Ashley Madison should have had the credit card information of it’s customers on hand in a manner that could be read and downloaded. Quite simply, that is a really major fail on their behalf. It’s not really any different from hacks of major department stores and hardware stores, but equally frustrating. It gives one pause about buying online.

The good news? There is a solution at hand – prepaid credit cards. My best suggest for online fun it this: Signup here for a free live cam account. Seriously free, you don’t need a credit card. Check out the fun. If you like it, stop by your local supermarket or whatever, and get yourself a pre-paid mastercard or visa. Get a small amount (maybe $50 or whatever) and use that to sign up. Your financial risk is very low, and a hack can’t hurt your bank account. I would say that without a functional payment method, your account information would likely be undesirable for most hackers. So you would be more likely in the clear.

So, Sign up for your free live cam account – get a prepaid card – get some credits for tipping and playing, and have fun!

Lady Gaga Dope is Desperation

lady gaga desperationI usually have sexy or hot images on my posts here, there is pretty much always some celeb desperate for attention that is willing to show it all off to get us to look. Lady Gaga however has always been more about being weird, but that has it’s problems too. Over time, weird becomes normal, boring, or repetitive and so she constantly has to push the barriers. After a while off for hip surgery (and some say some plastic surgery too) she is back and desperate to get our attention. The results are pretty stunning, and appear to show an artist on the decline trying to grab back the magic that she no longer controls. This outfit from her Dope single cover, her recent appearance on the You Tube music awards looking particularly ugly, and a few other shockingly ugly shots show someone trying to hard to be relevant and interesting. The fade away has already started, I guess.

Other than that, this week is all about a fall cleanup and getting things ready for some new projects in the pipeline. You may want to check out For the XX for some interesting new blog posts, it’s a collection of posts from some other new blogs I am working on, with a different style and feel. Don’t forget also to sign up for the free webcams on Live Cams Live Girls, totally awesome and worth it. Finally, stay tuned as I have a few new things just around then bend (you gotta say it with the Shwag voice to make it work out)

Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass Selfies and other Big Things

kim kardashian ass selfieIt’s pretty amazing to think that not that long ago (less than 6 months) a very pregnant Kim Kardashian was showing off her massive cleavage and getting plenty of attention for her sexy maternity clothes. Now, she is so concerned to lose weight and get back into shape, that she is flaunting her big round ass with a selfie on instagram. Talk about an attention whore, right? I have to admit that she has one hell of an ass, but it’s way too huge for me. But hey, back it up girl!

In the other big things department, well, let’s see. I added another Adult Cams site, more hot live girls 24 hours a day for you guys to enjoy. I also did a major update to Expics Amateurs and Girlfriends, turning the front of it more into a blog and less of just a link site, but it’s all good the links are still there too. I have also been working some other big updates and a few new domains that will go into play later this week, so stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to check out the All Free Erotic Stories site as well, that one updates more or less weekly with fresh new stories!

Fresh Live Sex Chat Cams and Other Fun Stuff

sex chat camsIt’s sort of funny how things go, changes don’t come as a constant ebb and flow, rather it seems that inspiration hits me like falling rain, today it’s raining and so we all get wet. One of the biggest changes here is my favorite and perhaps only of my oldest sites, Hercam Sex Chat. It’s 15 years that I have this domain, and it’s been a few different things in it’s life. Now, it’s gotten a huge upgrade and has become it’s very own live sex cam site. That’s right, Hercam Sex Chat now has live cam girls 24 hours per day, plenty of hot girls all the time, from cute barely legal teens to MILFs, shemales, and even men for men or men for ladies if you prefer, all live from bedrooms, dorm rooms, and living rooms all over the world. Real girls (and guys if you like) getting naughty on cam, it’s a hot sex chat live cam site that is top notch and certainly worth checking out!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, it hasn’t been dry either. With the demise of a couple of programs a few years back, I was stuck with a few blogs that couldn’t update anymore because the sites were gone. One of the was my casting couch sex blog, which features newbie girls. The original site went AWOL, but now I have a new site that is running hard with plenty of updates, so you can expect lots of action here. I also have another hot new site called Super Blowjob, which is all about girls who like to suck cock. Again, simple site but the content is hot and fresh. You may also want to check out Major TGP, this site is a classic old school TGP with a ton of galleries – it updates daily too!

Courtney Stodden Sideboob Lettuce Fetish and Stuff

courtney stodden sideboobI love fame whores, especially when they are so entirely blatant about it. Courtney Stodden is one of those girls who just is so mind numbingly obvious about wanting to be famous, that it’s hard not to laugh and enjoy. This picture is from a promotion she did with Peta giving out veggie dogs while dressed in nothing more than a slightly wilted lettuce bikini. Her big new boobs are certainly the center of attention, and a whole pile of sideboob action was our reward on this one. Damn, this girl knows how to work it!

In the world of adult, let’s see: I have added a site called Dirty Teens which is a neat blog with an interesting layout – and teen pussy, who can resist, right? The newest release of wordpress has a whole bunch of very interesting features I am going to be testing out, my next batch of porn blogs may be a lot more interesting to look at as a result. Don’t forget also to check out our live cams at Live Cams Live Girls, this site is turning out to be a very popular destination, I get about a dozen new people signing up for a free membership over there, it’s seriously good fun you shouldn’t miss out on.