Amanda Bynes Loses The Plot and Other Things

amanda bynes braI have written about sexy Amanda Bynes before, she’s quite a piece, a girl who has gone from child star to wild adult, and has certainly kept the press attention all the way along. However, the last few months got wild, and I wrote about her downward spiral on Putaface back in May. Sure enough, she has been locked up on a 5150 exam after some truly weird acts, and basically it appears she is schizophrenic, and they are medicating her pretty solidly to keep her from losing the plot again. Meanwhile, the courts have ordered to stay locked up for now. She’s a totally sexy girl, but like many hotties, she’s not all that stable I guess!

Meanwhile, in the wonderful world of porn, about the only thing up this week has been adding in Major TGP – this is an older style text listing TGP, but with a ton of hot video galleries, so it’s worth checking out. It’s sort of a gift from a friend, and I appreciate it. Check out it, I am sure you will enjoy it too! Other than that, I also started a site with plenty of pictures of Hong Kong, one of my favorite places on the planet. It updates daily with new pics.