Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Another wonderful rainy uck kind of a day… but at least I am in a good mood.

First off, the weight thing:  175 again this morning, I certainly feel that I am on a plateau right now, but that should change over the next few days as exercise becomes part of the game.  I am looking forward to some intense badminton today, again tomorrow, and some lighter work on Tuesday.  After that I will be a YMCA member again, so I will have the ability (but not sure about desire) to go to work out or at least play more badminton.  If I chase around enough I can find badminton to play every day or at least every other day, so that isn’t bad.   I am aiming to get good enough to qualify for tournament play this fall.

If the weather gets a little drier, the bicycle will be back in service as well.  I have to be careful because my knees are not up to that much on the bike for now, but a little bit every day (even 20-30 minutes around the neighborhood) will help to work the muscles and build up a little wind, all the while encouraging my system to pull fats and turn them into energy.  Bike riding is good because you use some of the biggest muscles in your body, which means you have the potential to use much energy.  Overall not a bad thing.

As for other things, well, I will be working some more on the new movie review site which for the moment is mostly headline news rather than deep and detailed reviews.  However, I am hoping to change that around over time, and encourage people to post reviews.  Hey, check the site out, maybe you want want to write reviews as well.

There will certainly be some porn slung today too.  Want some sexy live porn?  Click here for Sexy Live Porn – well, actually, it is a site I own with the new live Amsterdam feed right on the page.  Check it out and enjoy 🙂