A general sort of a day

Well, it is tuesday, I sort of missed Monday as I was working kind of hard and then got pulled away on other issues that really sort of confused my day.  That and the fact I am still trying to recover from badminton on Sunday, my legs are damn sore.  I am not use to the rubberized floor, it is VERY hard on my legs.  I think that once I play there a little more it won’t bother me as much, but I really do prefer wood floors as they have a little slip and give to them.  The rubber ones are pretty darn hard.

I have been working more on putaface.com, attempting to get it working well and to find more good feeds to add to the site.   It is a little difficult because every provider has different rules as to use, and some of them are just rude and don’t answer emails.

In the same sort of idea, I am also working on a site called Porn Pig.  This site will have a ton of blogs and other sources feeding it with new and updated links daily, my aim is 100-200 new items on the index page every day for your enjoyment.  Check it out, bookmark it now, because you will love it soon!

Anyway, I am going to try badminton again tonight (even if I am in pain) and hopefully I won’t die 🙂