174 this morning

I have been working this week to open my body up to a bit more food types and some more carbs, allowing an occassional slip and whatnot to see what is going on.  My weight loss pretty much flattened out at 175 (I think I have hit a sort of plateau, something I will need to address) so I figured after almost 4 weeks of Atkins pretty much well done, I need to take a sort of break.  Not a “go back to McDonalds” type thing, but rather to just allow a little more stuff and let my body (and liver) take a break from constant ketotis.  Then given a couple of days, I can flip back on and take a shot at getting past that plateau I am on.

I played some badminton last night, but as it was out season ender party I did cheat slightly on some stuff, but small portions and just enough to enjoy the tastes, not really eating.  This morning, I am 174, which is not a terrible thing.  So from now until probably Saturday, I am still “on the diet” just not keeping as good track of things for a couple of days to relax myself.  Then Saturday I will do another sort of induction, trickle over into ketotis again, and get to work in the gym as well to push things.  My original goal was 170ish, but now I am a little more agressive and looking for 165, which would be major wow.

Anyway, I will keep it up 🙂