170… yeah baby!

I posted this elsewhere, but I figure I should put it here… power of willpower, desire, and effort coming together:

I weigh 170!

That was about 5 days ago, and since I have been hovering… 170, 171, 172 depending on the time of the day.  That means 23 pounds (or about 11%) drop in total body weight since the start of the year, and a really positive outlook as a result.  With the weather coming back to nice, my bicycle is getting a workout again, and I am back to getting into decent shape.  I haven’t played as much badminton in the last little while as timing has been horrible (and one of the best places to play closes on the weekends during the summer) so I haven’t hooked up.  But in the mean time, I am working on being in better shape and getting some endurance, and that will make it all easier.

I am living proof that Atkins does work, if you follow not only the rules of the diet but the feeling of your body and your spirit.  I have eaten pizza and chinese food and greek food and many things that are “not in the diet” and still done well, because those things are balanced out and not a day to day thing.   I haven’t been near a McDonalds  or the like since this started, and I truly don’t miss them.  I miss soft drinks a bit, I miss ice tea very much (lemon and sugar… not good!), and I miss being able to just eat whatever whenever without worry.  I tend to work some pretty insane hours, and I get hungry late and I have to be careful, those use to be the MickeyD times…

Overall good, now I keep going more for shape and look rather than the actual number, but I will watch the number (and probably post a picture at 169 just to make myself smile)