Starting Off The Year with a Bang (and a Thud)

keep calm and visit pornikiWell, here we are, working it out in 2019. Yup, making updates and getting back to it, trying to work my schedule so I have more time for the enjoyable world of porn. To that end, I am adding as much stuff as I can to Porniki the Porn Wiki including a category for 2019 AVN Award Nominees and basically cleaning up a whole bunch of stuff. I realized the other day that Porniki has been around for 15 years, so I figure it deserves some love. So I am adding galleries, pornstars, sites, and tons of other updates and trying to do it more regularly. If you like the site, tell your friends or follow Porniki on Twitter.

On the other side of that coin, Findpics Free Porn and it’s sister sites are all getting more galleries, there are now almost 10,000 free porn galleries and about 150,000 free porn pics available, and updating every couple of hours with fresh free porn. I have a huge backlog of galleries over here to add, so if I get far enough ahead I will adjust that to update every hour… so passing 10K free galleries soon and heading directly to 20k!

Finally, I was making some updates and ran across my friend Ariel Rebel. This girl is from my home town (Montreal) and she’s a smoking hotty who started out as a barely legal teen (appearing all over the place), and running her own site, production company, foodie channel, and all sorts of stuff. She’s past coed and on to just being a general babe, and she’s still petite, hot, naughty, and has a really cute ass too! She’s camming more now, and you can check out Ariel Rebel’s Live cam here. She’s a hotty!

Well Here Comes 2019

happy ne wyear 2019aWell, 2019 is almost upon us (or maybe here already when you get to read this). I was looking back a bit and realizing that the oldest domain I own – – is now more than 20 years old. Damn, I have been doing online porn and live cams way too long! It’s humbling and amazing to think that many of my readers have been with me all along. Thanks a ton guys and girls, and hopefully 2019 will be a good year.

One of the sad traditions of the new year is that it’s the time of year when existing porn programs go out of business. While things have been slowly but surely dropping off for the last 5 years or so, it seems that Christmas time is when I find out who will make it into the new year. Got a couple this year (including Glamour Models Gone Bad, which I suspect wasn’t making enough to pay for credit card processing anymore). On the other side, I can tell you that LIve Cam sites continues to rock, and my white label Live Cam site Tit 4 Free is truly a popular place to go. If you haven’t already, go get yourself a free membership and enjoy the live stuff. It’s incredible, and one of the few things that can’t be pirated in 20 seconds!

The other positive I am seeing is that a few more sites are active and getting more active instead of shutting down. Nubiles has expanded to a whole host of entertaining sites with the same high quality of girls and really nice video quality, sites like Bratty Sis (which is a “step brother” style incest based site) is really rocking.

State Of the Porn World

big titsYes, I know – it’s been a while. I sort of want to say I have been taking some time off from running my porn sites, but the reality is that porn has sort of taken some time off from being able to be run. It’s weird to say it that way, and I know it doesn’t make much sense, but here we go anyway, starting with a little history.

Porn has almost always been used as a tool to sell stuff. Yes, porn sells “porn”, aka videos, dvds, magazines, and what ever else that is the media of the day. Porn has gone from Super 8 movies to VHS cassettes to DVDs to internet downloads, streams, and so on. It’s gone from glossy nudes to magazines, from BBS downloads to mega porn image sites like 18 Nude Here, and all points in between. Online has seen everything from single images, news groups, TGPs, MGPs, and Picposts… so many ways that porn has sold porn. But porn also sells other things. Many of the girls (and guys) in porn use porn to promote themselves. Very often, porn was used by the girls to promote their feature dancing at strip clubs and to up their price – the bigger a name they are, the more they charge to appear. That also morphed into the semi-legal and out rightly illegal world of prostitution, escorting, paid dates, overseas trips… you know how it goes.It is said that many porn girls have been flow to countries in the Middle East to basically be paid fuck toys at lavish private parties and whatnot – all of it sort of on the QT. Porn wasn’t selling porn at that point, it was selling the image, the girl, her name, and to some extent her skills. Many girls do “privates” after hours when they feature dance. It’s not openly talked about, most will deny it, but it’s a quiet sideline that nets the girls an extra 1-2K a night. When you know your shelf life as a performer is only a couple of years, the smart ones are in there making all the money they can while they can. The dumb ones too, but they usually waste the money on stupidities.

The porn industry, as a result of all of this, has fallen on some pretty hard times. Consolidation has come in a big way, there are fewer and fewer companies producing porn, and they often appear to be producing it as a means to an end to sell other products and services. The reality here is that most any media that is available can also be pirated, streamed, tubed, and so on. The producers have in many ways lost control of their product, and that in turn has hurt the value. Smart ones are turning out enough new content, evnough new scenes, and are offering great streaming rates to make paying a membership worthwhile. Others have slid to the side. The knock on effect for me and my sites is that there is less material to promote, less new material getting out, and the companies are less interested in this type of promotion.

However, there is good news. Live Cams. In an almost perfect circle back to the start of online porn, amateurs on webcams have replaced amateur girl sites, and it’s a freaking wonderful thing. Sites like Tit 4 Free Live Cams have hundreds of girls, guys, couples, lesbians, shemales, and whatnot all on live 24 hours per day with free to join options. You can chat live with sexy people who love to show off, and it’s mostly real amateur webcam sex at home stuff that is totally awesome. It’s one of the reasons why many of the posts on here are about cams, because honestly, LIVE CAMS ARE THE BEST THINGS TO HAPPEN ONLINE! The combination of great cams, faster connections, and great streaming make this the killer key for the forseeable future of porn. You cannot easily pirate live, it’s something you need to see yourself. With free to join offers, it’s a no brainer! So don’t worry, I am around, I love porn, pussy, hot girls, big boobs, small boobs, and all that stuff – so more to follow!

Poker is a Life Long Addiction

pokerI have come to the conclusion that poker will be my life long addiction. Oh, and pussy. When I started this blog in 2006, I was already playing poker online with the lamentable Party Poker. It was, I can tell you now, the real dark ages of online play. Plenty of sneaky shit going on, cheating, collusion, and more. Online poker was riding a wave created in some ways by the fact that the World Series of Poker had made it onto ESPN as a “sport”, and guys like Scotty Nguyen had been turned into national and international heros. Poker was on a major upswing, and the ability to play this “Vegas” game on your computer at home was a real kick for many.

Online poker has continued to grow through the years, but at the same time it has faced some serious issues. One of the biggest is that players in the US really cannot play online much at this point, as it’s illegal for payment companies or banks to facilitate the transfer of money to “gaming” or gambling accounts. This dovetails with the incredible and stunning story of Full Tilt Poker, which was labeled by the US government as a Ponzi scheme that basically stole customers money for the benefit of a few top name poker pros. The changes in the US regulatory situation also basically drove poker off of US TV. That was particularly tragic for a program called Poker After Dark on NBC, which gave amazing levels of personal level exposure to the top pros of the time – and stopped very suddenly in 2012. It has resurfaced on a site called Poker Go as a streaming show, very low profile compared to being on NBC (even late at night)

From there, online poker has sort of crashed. As a Canadian, I could still play online and I could still get my money in, but much of the zing was gone. I was still playing online from time to time, playing in person on trips to Vegas or occasional trips to a more local casino, but generally, for whatever reason, it wasn’t as engaging for me.

Poker has picked up in other places. Australia, the Philippines, Canada, and Europe are all fairly active. There are a lot of European players online these days, and most of the big money tournaments are being pulled down by players from these places. What is really interesting is that the big name players have pretty much all faded into the wood work. From what I call “peak poker” only Daniel Negraneau really stands out in my mind as a top player who is still very actively playing in the public eye. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t playing and making money, but they aren’t in the public eye. The Full Tilt thing took down a lot of players as well, Chris “Jesus” Fergusson, Howard Lederer, and others will involved and not only got into the legal problems, but also lost face in the community.

I have traveled a fair bit and my life has taken me to interesting places. I had the chance, as a result, to play live poker in Macau. Macau was, quite rightly, known as perhaps the best place in the world for insanely high stakes cash game poker. I clearly don’t have the money for that, but it’s place where seeing millions out on a table isn’t all the unusual. Tom Hall told a bunch of stories, including this one “One of the funniest I remember was when one player was all in, and the other tanks for ages, then gets up and goes to the toilet and is gone a good five minutes and then comes back to call with the stone cold nuts. This was all taken in good humor.”. Macau was insane, magical, and actually deathly boring compared to Vegas. However, the Chinese government took a disliking to poker, and as a result, most of the poker rooms and poker action in Macau (including the Pokerstars branded one) are gone – and so is the money. Rumor has it that it’s gone to Jeju, South Korea. More news if I ever get there.

So I was back playing online for maybe a year or so. Then the bottom fell out.

Normally, this is where you would post up a big bad beat story, a massive cash over bet, or something like that. Nothing is further from the truth. The reality is much more mundane and silly. Many countries have moved to regulate online gaming through local laws, often requiring companies to operate locally and fit within existing gambling regulations (even if poker really isn’t gambling, a long story I won’t touch right now). It has made it very hard to get things done. In many other countries, anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer laws have made it impossible to use common online payment methods to pay for poker (even if those banks and financial institutions are not operating the gaming sites). As a result, like many people, my options to deposit were limited. I thankfully didn’t have to deposit often (I generally win enough to stay even or a little better), but when I did it was real work and quite expensive (losing 10% of the money on the way… sigh). Anyway, most of the companies doing this have stopped processing, one of the best was Entropay and their virtual credit cards, but they have pretty much tossed out everyone except their local market, so they can no longer be used. Other methods are pretty shady (like sending money to a hard to trace Russian company!), and not particularly useful. That was mooted out when Pokerstars (the last company offering online poker in my area) pulled the plug. You can see the sort of notice that came out here. Safe to say that there is no longer any real online choices, and in person choices are few and far between.

The online world is maturing in some ways, but regressing hardcore in others. Local regulation of online resources is perhaps the biggest failing in the last few years. The EU in particular has their meddlesome thumbs in everything, unable to allow nature to take it’s course they are intent on managing every detail of your online experience and making sure you are “protected”, wrapping you up in a virtual bubble wrap that makes it impossible to do anything. You are safe, but it takes away the point.

Crashing Bitcoins and Sexy Live Cams

live camsThe day after the Superbowl is often a bit of a weird time online. The hangover, at least for American users, is heavier than New Years. But I have a cure for your hangover, which is sexy live cams with hot girls, couples, guys, shemales… pretty much whatever you like, and they are free to join and go live. You can check out Live Cams Live Girls and either celebrate your team winning, console yourself if they lost, and get yourself off if you don’t give a fuck about American football. It’s all good, and your membership is free.

In other news, Bitcoin values are crashing. If you are online much, it’s probably not news because it’s all over the place. Bitcoin came in just shy of $20,000 to start the year, and it’s been pretty much straight downhill ever since. According to Google as I write this, 1 Bitcoin equals 6089.98 US Dollar. That means that about 70% of the value has evaporated faster than water off a sexy girl’s ass at the beach. It’s pretty scary to see. I do some cloud mining, and that is almost underwater as we speak, even with a low buy in price. It’s pretty funny! You can check out my Bitcoin Mining blog for some more info and whatnot.

Another thing on my list is poker. Yup, as I mentioned before, I am back at it, shitty as ever I guess. I have had a few good finishes and won some stuff, better than nothing I guess. I have come to the conclusion that this may be my life long addiction game of choice, it’s been 20 plus years and I still enjoy it, even if I may never be all that good at it. I wrote a whole blog post about it that I haven’t published yet, I was actually considering making a poker related blog or something, but maybe not.

Finally, don’t forget that Findpics Free Porn updates every couple of hours with another new gallery, more than 8000 galleries already there and it’s fast and easy to deal with – also check out Porn Star Videos for some hot free tube style porn videos too!

Japanese Schoolgirls and Fast Cars

busty japanese schoolgirlsThere are a few things in life I really enjoy, Japanese schoolgirls and fast cars are among them! I recently added an update to my hot Schoolgirl Uniform blog with Japanese babe Ria Sakuragi in her real schoolgirl uniform, it’s amazing to see how much can big hidden under there! I love upskirts too, so this shot sort of makes me tingle.

When it comes to fast cars, there is no doubt that I am a far of the old BBC Top Gear and the newer The Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are perhaps the most unlikely trio to work together (it’s said they don’t actually like each other much) but they turn out some of the most entertaining car related shows you will see. While the second season of The Grand Tour isn’t quite as entertaining as season one, it’s still completely top notch, and a reason to give Amazon your money to stream it!

I have also been doing some stuff with Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin Cloud mining. Let’s just say I have a weird feeling I walked into a bubble and it sort of burst behind me. I will make my money back I guess but it’s not going to be anywhere near as profitable as it looked! Oh Well!

I have also been back playing poker on Pokerstars. I really love to play poker, I have played it live in both the US and Asia, and I am middling okay but not good enough to make a living. I really enjoy the challenge, and I am comfortable to know that I basically put some money into the system a couple of months ago and I still have most of it. I recently had my first “win”, finishing with the most chips at the cut off point of a satellite tournament with about 600 entries. I seem to be able to play may way through at least lower level satellite tournaments now, which is a big improvement. I have been following Kevin Martin (KevinM987) on twitch, and really learning a bunch. True No Limit hold’em is a game of super small percentages, and played right you can win. It’s not simple, but I am learning more now than I have earned in nearly 20 years of playing poker in person and online.

For lovers of find porn, my TGP sites like Findpics Free Porn continues to rock with galleries added all the time. With over 8000 galleries and over 100,000 free pics, you are sure to find something to enjoy over here! Don’t forget All Free Erotic Stories as well for some sexy tales!

Taking The Broom To It All

brooming upTaking the broom to it is perhaps one of the better new years traditions. You use the changing of the calendar as a chance to clear up everything else too and get ready for the year to come. In the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year is a time to wear things new, to eat well with family, and to clean up those things that you haven’t taken care of in regular time.

So as I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I have set to work on cleaning up dead links and such on all of my blogs. I have many, many blog, and many of them are more than 10 years old. The results are predictable. So many sites have been shut down, many domains are redirecting, and in some cases even sending people to really bad places. I apologize for any problems, I am going through literally post by post to look for dead links, dead programs, dead sites, dead galleries, and general bad links. Where there are missing images I am trying to fill them in and make it all better. Honestly, it’s a horrible job with lots of dead ends to figure out, but the end results are good, with better Google rankings and more happy satisfied messages and tweets from people who have enjoyed my sites. All good!

On the plus side, I have discovered that you guys really love live cam shows with sexy girls and couples getting naked and naughty. Tit 4 Free is by Chaturbate whitelabel site, with literally hundreds of live chat rooms going on all the time. It’s free to join and honestly very cheap overall to get tip credits so you can make it rain. This is literally the best deal I have seen in ages, the most fun thing you can do online, and as they say, it’s why you got the internet!

FIndpics is also one of my more durable brands. I have run some variant of Findpics Free Porn since 1997 or so, the link site has been up since 1998, the blog since about 2005, and the gallery site is a couple of years old and quite popular. I add an average of a dozen galleries per day over there, there is something like 9000 free porn galleries and growing. You will find stuff you like over there.

Anyway, the clean up will take a little longer, and then I should be back to normal service and normal update levels. Stay tuned, and thanks for enjoying porn!

2018 Arriving and Cleaning Up Debris

new year 2018Well, it’s that time of the year again, I get to wish everyone Happy New Year and all the best that comes with it. I get to look back at all that has gone on and look forward to whatever I can dream up.

2017 hasn’t been the best year, that is for sure. In the world, Trump made us feel less safe, #fakenews ruled the roost, and all sorts of crap went on we would all soon prefer to forget. 2017 was also a bad year for pornstars dying way too young, I am sad for that.

It’s also been a bad year in the porn industry as a whole. More and more of the producers of porn have disappears or been absorbed into a few few mega companies that run almost everything, it seems. Many of the programs and sites that faithful produced excellent amateur, sologirl, and hardcore content that we feature on our sites have blown away in the wind. Dead links are a serious issue, so much so that I have spent quite a bit of time over the last month or so cleaning out dead links from my blogs, link sites, and tube sites. It’s reached epidemic levels, when programs like Pacinos just up and close the door, when major sites haven’t been updates in literally years, and when gallery links and site links suddenly turn into malware and scam sites, it’s pretty sad.

As I said, the results of all of this have been terrible. Less good stuff to share with you, tons of dead links and malware sites to deal with, and just lots and lots of work to go through and try to weed out all the crap. It takes away from my ability to add new posts, many days are just spent cleaning up the old stuff and making sure my sites are safe for you all to enjoy!

Good news for 2018, well, let’s see: My sites are getting cleaner by the day. I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to porn production, it seems that more than a few people are tired of the current circumstance and are working on new stuff finally, and the ones that are left seem to be picking up the pace a bit. I have a couple of new sources for hot amateur and solo girl sites, and the quality of the 4K sites out there from the remaining active producers is top end. I am enjoying that for sure.

Equally good news is that Livecam sites like Tit4free continue to absolutely rule, with plenty of real people who love to get naked. The continued free to join program there is top notch, I love being affiliated with these people!

Sorry for the long post, but stay tuned. I have plenty of good stuff coming in 2018, and with your help (tweet and such about my sites and share them with your friends…) we will reach new heights and enjoy the stuff we enjoy together.

Too Many Pornstars Passing

shyla stylesaugust amesyurizan beltranThe last couple of months has been pretty tragic in porn. Three deaths of major name stars in a short period of time is tragic, and with the circumstances, it’s even worse. Yurizan Beltran, aka Yuri Luv,
August Ames, and recently retired Shyla Styles all died, two from apparent accidental drug overdose, and in the case of August Ames, suicide after being harassed and bullied online about not wanting to do a scene with an untested performer who apparently did mostly gay scenes (and some report mostly unprotected). All three are tragic and sad, and we should take a moment to remember these lovely girls who gave us so much of themselves. One passing in this way is tragic, three is pretty overwhelming.

Online bullying is terrible and tragic. Next time you are thinking of keyboard warrioring someone, just consider the implications. You can’t take it back after a tragedy.

Meanwhile, onto happier things. The end of the year is coming, and plenty of upgrades and updates. Most active of course is Findpics Free Porn, new galleries added every couple of hours automatically, now with over 8000 free galleries from over 1000 pornstars and models. It’s all free, tell your friends to check out your favorite stars!

Hurricanes and Blowjobs

hurrican irmaAs I am writing this entry, Hurricane Irma, perhaps the biggest hurricane in the Atlantic in more than a decade, is sweeping through the Caribbean and heading towards Florida with a near certain date with Miami and the Keys. For my friends, readers, and everyone else for that matter, stay safe.

Now one thing for sure is that a hurricane really blows – and that sucks. I have a couple of sites filled with girls who like to suck, including Super Blowjob and my classic old school blog Pudsucker. Oh yeah, I also have Mature Cocksuckers if you perfer your knob gobblers to be MILFs, matures, or grannies. I can honestly say that blowjobs, head, getting sucked off, whatever you want to call it is amazing much better than any hurricane could ever be. Done right, you get a big facial cumshot and everyone is happy!

As always don’t forget to check out Lust Galleries with over 8000 free porn galleries, and pornstar wiki at porniki!