Merry Christmas and Happy Naughty New Year

meet madden christmas
Well, it’s that time of the year again, when we celebrate the birth of a baby that wasn’t born on this date, and we celebrate by telling our kids that an old fat guy in a red suit is sneaking into the house to leave them toys. Okay then, creepy is as creepy does, I guess, right? Anyway, this year I celebrate the season with Madden from Meet Madden decorating the tree with her sexy teasing show, she is certainly the type of present I would love to find under my tree this year!

That post also brings me to the “new stuff” part of the day, I have been working a bit on a babe blog called Nude BB, which has a bunch of hot girls in a nicely formatted site that is easy to cruise around to enjoy the hotties. Bookmark it, because it’s going on the updated daily list starting in the new year. I also have a few other sites in development right now that will really get things moving in the new year as well, watch this spot for more!

Finally, I leave you with a wonderfully adult take on Christmas, from We Love to Suck… let’s just say Santa is giving her quite the present!