Weekend etc

What do you call the day after two days of rain? Monday.

Looks like another potentially wet weekend here, so I am certainly in front of the computer rather than being out pulling weeds and basically cleaning up the house (or moving my sat dish… ongoing bullshit that is).

Mostly though this weekend is all about the porn… In the words of Chopper “Hit the gas! make a move!”. Tons and tons of good ideas and concepts floating around, and I am trying to jam them all into working order in short order. Summer time in the adult online business can be a little bit slower than normal as people go outside and enjoy the nice weather, but the reality is that they are just a little more choosy and value their online porn time more because they have less of it. In the winter prime time is east coast 9PM or so… in the summer, that can move all the way to midnight, which means people are not in front of their computers until later, so they don’t have time to fuck around and surf in circles looking at nothing. They want action. Action I will bring!

Here is some nice new shit to enjoy:

Erotic Stories: Glenda’s Vacation is a nice summer travel story with a dirty, dirty twist!

Big tits: Lanny Got Boobs – see sexy Lanny Barby in a bunch of hot fuck movie clips

This week’s hot movie at the box off is Jennifer Aniston’s Break up. Check out the reviews and news.

There is a bunch more, I will post again later… but try to enjoy your weekend anyway! 🙂