Nascar still boring and Winter is Coming

It’s been sort of a busy week around my part of the world. The seasons are changing fast, and winter is not far off. As you can see, Asian Cutie Ariel Spinner is now decked out for winter, although maybe she should zip up a bit! Either way, she is a pretty reminder that winter is almost here. That a new stuff for Christmas, such as the the new Motorola Droid smart phone.

NASCAR or NAPCAR? It’s the question being asked this week in a number of places after a stunning dull race in Talledega that still ended with most of the field wrecked and two cars flipping completely. All the shiny empty spaces in the stands should be a reminder to NASCAR that it’s about racing, and putting on a good show. When the show goes, so do the crowds. F1 managed to turn a lame duck race in Abu Dhabi into an exciting event, twilight into night, very interesting way to wrap the season. Speaking of Twilight (the movie) this weeks Putaface Celeb is Kristen Stewart, aka, K-Stew, who seems to get more exposure than anyone these days, even with a celebrity porn video. Not shabby!

Meanwhile, in the adult world, let’s see… Backdoor fun at Raunchy Anal, all sorts of stuff at Nasty Dreams, and of course sexy and cute barely legal girls in schoolgirl uniforms. Enjoy!