You are being manipulated

How does it feel?

Right now the donations are coming in at over 250k/hour. That’s incredible. Lets keep it up in an organized way.

If we all go post about the november 5th and ron paul on EVERY forum we have any sort of cred on (not just political ones). Lets hit up game forums, community forums, EVERYTHING! Hell join some new forums that seem popular. Let’s just all go on a hunt for the next couple hours and post about it on every forum we can. Each forum is bound to have a couple ron paul supporters that will backup the thread and encourage everyone to donate and spread the word. It’ll create a landslide promotional effect that’ll drive in a couple extra million today.

Lets keep this momentum going! Make your goal to keep the graph above 200k/hour. If it starts dropping below post faster

That’s right, the lemmings trying to elect Ron Paul are purposely attacking the chat boards and forums of the internet to shill for this guy. They are attempting to manipulate public opinion by making it look like people all over are interested in what this boring old turd of a politician has to say.


Don’t let these assholes take over the internet and turn it into a wasteland of political spew and horseshit. Stick with Porn. Porn is good. Ron Paul is bad.