Another weird week strolls by…

It’s been a pretty weird week around here. First off, Porniki (the porn wiki) has been doing pretty well. I am working on adding stuff over there every day, and people generally seem to like the site. It is really fun to watch some of the things people search for, like yummy small tits and fucking kristal. I don’t get too many weird ones yet, but I am watching for searches like britney spears fucks a dog coming soon, I guess (not that it has happened, but everything else apparently has).

Anyway, other good things include some fresh hot pics of one of my favorite pornstars, Jenna Haze. I have a preference for smaller breasted girls, and it always pleases me to find a pornstar who has avoided getting the almost mandatory big rubber bolt on things that end up turning into ugly rocks in about 5 years. She is fresh and perky even after 5+ years and 330 DVDs and compilations, which is pretty cool.

I have also been working on a new site called Totally Free Porn. It’s a TGP, but with an interesting layout and such.  It’s not really finished yet, but have a peak and let me know what you think.

Other than that, just another hard week in the life of a porn slinger 🙂