7 More Spins of the planet

It didn’t take me long to get back here to post, now did it?  I have been busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, getting all sorts of stuff done.  One of the biggest things is I am in the process of preparing my house for sale.  I know, it ain’t porn, but I sure feel tired like a mofo when I get to the end of the day.  In the last month I have painted 5 rooms (flat white ceilings, color walls, semi-gloass white mouldings) and cleaned a bunch more, installed a central vacuum system, and generally cleaned everything up.  I still have 2 rooms left to work on, but I will get it done.  Sort of kicks my ass, it is really a ton of work.

In between all that, I manage to crank out some stuff.   New model of the week is Kissable Kaydin, a real sweet florida girl with a super hot bod.  No huge tits or anything, just a normal stunning beach babe that is a treat to see naked.    You can also check out some hot action with sexy teen pornstar Micah Moore, she seems like a ton of fun.   As always, there is also some fresh pornstories on 4 Free Stories.

Don’t forget to check out Porniki, the porn wiki.  I have been working on that site and adding new stuff every day, including working on some new category portals that are really cool.  You can also check out the Pornpig to get your daily dose of porn from all over the place.