Putaface – camera seduction

I have been fooling around with a new site, called Putaface.  The term is in a sense a combination of the spanish word for whore and the english word face.  Basically, it is something celebrities do to get the camera’s attention at public events.   As an example, Eva Longoria has a Putaface.   She knows how to look a the camera and get the lens to melt from about 100 feet away.   She doesn’t just seduce the camera, but she seduces you the viewer.  Powerful stuff.  In nice words, it is basically image whoring.   If there was a manual on putaface, it would likely be written by someone like Paris Hilton, who has turned just looking at the camera into a dumb blond science.

Other than that, I have been sor tof slack assing and doing offline stuff, real life sometimes gets in the way.  Don’t forget to check out Little Tit Site for Tiny Tits, and Adult Movie Babes for pornstars!