A Cocktail of Piracy and Butt Sex

It’s not often that I go out on a limb to talk publicly about subjects like this, because it is easy to offend people and hard to get those with their minds made up to change. But I really think that we have reached an interesting crossroads in the times of content piracy online, and while it’s not an absolute thing, I think the pendulum is finally swinging back towards more lawful setups. Working in the adult work, I can tell you that pr0n in all it’s forms has been one of the bigger victims in the piracy world, turning adult material from something unique and special to something as common as lint. Much of Porn Valley in California has disappeared under the intense pressure of the internet, digital delivery, and in the end, widespread piracy. Google choosing to change their rankings around to lower those who get lots of copyright violation reports seems like a move that will change the world over time – but not in the first minutes.

Going against piracy is a bit of self interest for me (this is how I make my living, right?), but it’s also in your interest. Without income, the companies that make the videos and shoot the exclusive scenes and have the hot name girls can’t afford to do what they do. Without income, the girls we all love to check out can’t make their living this way anymore, and are forced to take real day jobs, or worse do further the other direction towards escorting, hooking, and the like. It’s not pretty in many ways. Have a read of the article, and please add your comments. This is one are worth discussing, even if you really don’t agree with me at all.

Now, speaking of pr0n, this week I added a new anal sex blog. XXX Anal (3xanal.com) is a site dedicated to girls who like it in the rear, and I don’t mean parking behind their house. I added 10 or so posts to start off with, and this one will be updated as I find more that I like. Anal sex is one of the most talked about subjects these days, why not see some of the hottest scenes, there are some great galleries linked out over there.

Finally, on a more personal note, I am back in school trying to learn a new language for the first time since, well… high school – and that was a very long time ago indeed. It’s interesting to see how the mind works, and yet to see how much I have lost in not working that part of my brain much. Hopefully I get it right, it might actually help me here too!