Hurricanes and Blowjobs

hurrican irmaAs I am writing this entry, Hurricane Irma, perhaps the biggest hurricane in the Atlantic in more than a decade, is sweeping through the Caribbean and heading towards Florida with a near certain date with Miami and the Keys. For my friends, readers, and everyone else for that matter, stay safe.

Now one thing for sure is that a hurricane really blows – and that sucks. I have a couple of sites filled with girls who like to suck, including Super Blowjob and my classic old school blog Pudsucker. Oh yeah, I also have Mature Cocksuckers if you perfer your knob gobblers to be MILFs, matures, or grannies. I can honestly say that blowjobs, head, getting sucked off, whatever you want to call it is amazing much better than any hurricane could ever be. Done right, you get a big facial cumshot and everyone is happy!

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End of an Era and New Things Too

karla pisce karla lorezI can tell you without a doubt that one of the most annoying and painful things to deal with is what happens when a site shut down. Models and porn girls come and go and their sites do too, and some girls like Gisele and Briana Lee have had so many sites it’s hard to keep track. But this week I learned that an entire program closed down, taking with it 25 model and combined model sites in one shot, including long term favorites like Karla Spice, Taylor Lain, and Pacinos Adventures. What makes it hard is that I have hundreds of blog posts and such for these sites, and I hate it when people get interested and get sent to dead sites or dead links. So now I have to patrol and remove them. It’s certainly an end of an era for a program that had some of the hottest Latina teens and coeds on it.

On the positive side, there are plenty of new hot things to enjoy. Vixen is proving to be a popular new site, it’s a hardcore site with the hot young porn girls that make you drool, and these hot babes do it all. Plenty of action including some scenes with anal, threesomes, and more. Check out the Vixen sets at Lust Galleries for more, there is a ton of stuff coming from this hot site!

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Blac Chyna Sexy Text Stories and Fat Girls

fat girls pornIt’s been a busy time around my place for the last little while, and the celebrity universe hasn’t slowed down either. Beyonce has twins (no, not her tits, actual babies!), The Kardashians appear to be slowly wearing out their welcome, and the top news is that Blac Chyna (who married Rob Kardashian and calved a money maker kid with him) went off to fuck some other dude, who sent Rob pictures of his wife naked and stuff in his bed. Rob instagrammed and then twittered those pictures including her naked shaved vagina, which has turned this into a whole other problem. Rob blew her off, and she is back working strip clubs for cash. Go figure!

I turned up another site that I really like, and you should too if you like chubby girls, BBWs, fat girls, or plus sized hotties. Fat X chubby porn galleries is filled right now with scenes from XL Girls, but more are coming as I go along. The best thing about bigger girls is that they usually also have bigger natural boobs, so this site is also for lovers of big natties!

Other than that, just a whole lot of updates on blogs like Bend Over Babe and Hard Fucking Sex. Enjoy!

Kim Kardashians Bumpy Ass and Other Touched Up Stuff

kim kardashian assYou know this was going to happen sooner or later. Pictures have come out of Kim Kardashian in a bikini, and let’s say that her massive badonkadonk butt isn’t quite as nice as she would let us think. Without photoshop, her butt is pretty much a real moon, craters and all. It’s also way too huge, to the point where one well known plastic surgeon says Kim’s ass is overdone. It’s gone past slightly unnatural and moved right along to freaky, good perhaps in a tight skirt but not as nice when it gets into the light of day. The unretouched photos have apparently cost her more than 100,000 instagram followers, as people realize that she’s been retouching every picture she puts up. The whole Kardashian thing can’t end soon enough!

Meanwhile, in the world of porn and adult stuff, I have finally completed a full network move to a new, more powerful server (256 GIG of RAM, totally unthinkable only a few years ago) and everything seems to be running nicely and fast too. I am doing some mods and stuff to make sure everything shows off fast, sites like Findpics Free Porn are really quick now, almost like loading off your local hard drive. Enjoy!

Kylie Jenner and the Love of Big Black Cocks

kylie jenner loves big black cocksWhen you want to know how American culture is changing, you don’t have to look much further than the dual sources of TMZ and the Kardashian family and all their offspring. These girls have made it abundantly clear that the only thing they want in life is money and big black cocks. Kim Kardashian got famous for fucking Ray-J’s big bone, and her husband Kanye West is perhaps the biggest black dick you have even seen (not sure about his cock). Even little sisters Kylie and Kendall have kept it up, Kylie keeping would-be rapper Tyga around, seemingly mostly because he has a really big bone (he got it out online apparently). That really sort of has defined a whole era of girls with big fake butts fucking black guys with big bones.

To that end in the porn world, sites like Blacked and the classic Blacks On Blondes have proven to be very popular. Seeing tight ass white girls getting themselves fucked by insanely huge black cocks seems to pretty much be right up there with seeing girls get ass fucked for popularity. Ass fucking and interracial sex seems to be two of the ways that modern porn girls haved defined themselves. Big Black Cock erotic stories have always been popular, it’s a recurring theme that sort of includes cuckold and domination all into one interesting package.

Anyway, other than that, plenty of good things going on, including a server upgrade and plenty of new stuff. I am back at this just about full time again, so get ready for more hot fresh porn every day, okay?

Melania Trump is not a Hooker and Other Stories

melania trump not a hookerWithout a doubt, two of the best things about the Trump presidency is his knock out daughter Ivanaka and his former super model wife Melania Trump. Now, Melania Trump topless images do exist, as well as full nudes (no frontal nudity, but certainly some butt visible stuff). She worked as a model in her native country, in Europe, and in America apparently, and some of those sets were fairly revealing. It’s not unusual for a model to expose herself at different times in the fashion world. There are rumors (apparently not true about her work outside of modeling, but let’s make it clear. Melania Trump is not a hooker, and the New York Times reporter who said that has apologized. Please note that Melania Trump has lawyers on speed dial to sue anyone who would suggest she was paid for sex. I am certainly not going there, but I have to say that the whole story has been absolutely fascinating to watch play out. It’s sort of a battle between unnamed sources, second hand information, and suggestive images versus a very rich woman with a whole legal team ready to pounce on anyone who suggests it. No doubt that Melania Trump is a MILF, but let’s keep it in our pants for now, okay? Don’t even get me started on Ivanaka Trumps big boobies!

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Away Too Long and Back With a Vengence

ftvgirlsIt’s been way too long since I posted here, the real world has sort of gotten in the way and taking up way too much time, but I’m back beaches and the party is just getting started. While I was gone an Orange man got elected President of the US, Kim Kardashian got robbed and she got pissed off that they didn’t want to see her naked I guess, and the porn world has pretty much eaten itself alive again. Oh, and I binge watched NCIS Los Angeles and generally enjoyed it too.

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In a World of Jenner Fake Cakes

fake cakesFake cakes. Ass implants. Pump up posteriors. Until a very short time ago, it was something that few people talked about, and even fewer admitted to. But with the arrival of Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalia, Blac Chyna, and a few others, we have suddenly be overwhelmed with obviously pumped up butts. The funny part is that they are so obviously fake, that it’s sort of gross. Yet, there we go, suddenly having a small waist and a huge ass is popular. Go figure. To that end, I have some blogs like Amazing Asses and Bend Over Babe for those who like big sexy butts!

Otherwise, the Olympics are on (and I am happily ignoring them), most people around me don’t seem to give a crap either so perhaps we are starting a new tradition, of totally, utterly ignoring the over price spectacle of government driven drug fuel athletes performing for the profits of TV networks and Olypic organizing committee members. Good on them, I guess! Screw them, and instead go for some cock suckign fun at the Blowjob Zone Tube.

Oh, and a small update on the weight front, it’s been a long time but I figured I would post this up because at least one person would shit themselves. 162 punds again this morning, same as December 2006 – yup, 10 years later, still the same. Do I win yet? Anyway, eat right, gets lot of exercise, and enjoy free porn now!

Virtual Reality Porn Comes On Strong

virtual reality pornThe adult world is one of those things that is in one way really constant (because after all, fucking is fucking, right?) but at the same time is innovative in it’s delivery. When people first got modems and chat boards (remember BBSes?) they exchanged slow loading images of nude girls and such as their first thing. It might take all day to get a single image. The internet improved that, cable models and such made the connections faster, and soon we were enjoying galleries and video clips and such. Fast forward a few years, and now we have Porn Star Tube sites, free porn TGPs, and plenty more – and the latest step forward is virtual reality porn, aka VR Porn.

Using a special headset, you are able to watch the video and look from side to side, up and down, and so on. Different VR experiences exist, but one of the better ones right now is Real Teens VR. Almost all VR sites are POV in nature, and this one gives you great views of sexy barely legal girls getting it on like they are doing you. VR indeed! Certainly worth checking out, because this is what is new, hot, the latest stuff!

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Gigi Hadid Nip Slip and Other Enjoyable Things

gigi hadid nip slipI am endlessly amused by the term “wardrobe malfunction” using in place of nip slip, it’s a term that implies that the the wardrome is something more than what you put on, more of a machine that can stop working or do the wrong thing and start producing flowers instead of coverage. No matter the term, seeing top model Gigi Hadid nip slip with her breast handing out in the middle of a top line fashion show is pretty sexy. I do have to say though that I don’t entirely get why she’s considered so hot, she’s only sort of average to me and her breasts aren’t anywhere as good as the girls on Real Nice Tits. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers, but past supermodels seemed way more sexy and desirable than this. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Kate Moss is still working (naughty, sexy, slutty looking MILF that she is!). No matter what, it’s still better than Janet Jackson’s partially obstructed superbowl nipple…

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