The F1 seasons starts out strong

I am watching the repeat on Speed right now (yes, I was up at 6:30AM to watch it live) and I have to say that the F1 seasons is looking strong indeed.

During this race, there was plenty of side by side running (Rosberg and Coulthard, example) and many many cars that had a shot at points and positions.  A very solid result for the new engines and new teams.

Sad to see JV have an engine failure, but he was on the edge of the points up until that point, which is an improvement over what Sauber had been doing most of last year.  BMW seems to build powerful engines that don’t seem to work out all that well.  Williams, on the other hand seems to have done really quite well with the new Cosworth engine, and Rosberg set the fastest lap of the race on his way to recover from a pretty major pit lane fuckup that actually had him in the garage at one point… all the way back to 7th.

It’s all good… Here’s to a great 2006 F1 world championship!