Monday monday….

Well, it isn’t much more than 24 hours after the race, and already at least one of the F1 teams is bitching that Ferrari is cheating… but not bitching enough to do anything about.   Basically, they are claiming that part of the wings is flexible in a manner that, during high speed running, drag is reduced.  They are basing this on Massa having the fastest trap times of the day.  Considering he only did so-so in his first race for the red team, is it possible that he just ran a little less wing than the other cars, which gave him the higher speeds but didn’t make the cornering work out?  Hmm?

Always a conspiracy theory somewhere, I guess.

Jimmie Johnston won the NASCAR race in Vegas.  I am so fucking happy they are going to rip that track up and redo it, the racing there is duller than white toast no butter.  When will NASCAR figure out that the 1.5 mile D shaped ovals are the most boring fucking tracks in the universe?  Double so for the ones that don’t have much banking, as the cars run single file and that is that.  Vegas with a little narrower surface and somewhat progressive banking should create two or three grooves and two or three possible good lines / setup combinations, so the racing should be better in the future.

The race in California wasn’t a sellout, and it was so fucking dull I am sure they had to put no-doze tablets into the beer.  The TV ratings and attendance is only middling for that western stop, and already there is talk about pushing it off the schedule for some other event.  Two trips to this snoozefest track isn’t doing it for anyone.

Bring on Bristol… Bring on Dover… Bring on, well, anything that isn’t a D shaped 1.5 mile oval downforce track.  NASCAR, you should be ashamed for making racing secondary to “going to new markets”.

What else… hmm, I added some new galleries and links over at Lust Galleries and Thumbs Kingdom.  In fact, all of the “back office” for lust galleries got redone, and all of the galleries on there are up to date and renewed.   I will likely be adding overflow pages over there too… I added a nice tit fuck gallery over at DDCUP big titty blog, a nice gallery of hotty Jassie over at, and stunning asian Cookie Wanwalee showing the pink at teen spread pussy.

Not bad, and the day is only half over… more news later 🙂