A fuck of a week so far

Well, this week has been a little bit fucked up and weird. Some weeks you get into the pace and beat and shit and stuff happens. This week I have been all over the road like a drunk driver just after closing time. It truly has been weird.

First off, I have been driving a rental car for the last 2 weeks while my car got fixed. Yeah, some dumbass snow removal guy decided that reversing without looking was a really good way to save himself some time on the job. instead, it got him writing reports and arguing with insurance companies, who found him to be responsble and me to be fine and clear. Anyway, I got the car back today but there are a couple of things still to do to make it all right again, so I will be going back and forth on the issue I guess.

The weather has been fucking mental as well, it was freezing cold last weekend, and today it is raining and they are talking about 11C by Sunday. Spring usually rolls in slowly, but this time it looks like a freaking freight train coming to run us over. I am not really ready for it.

I have also been working on my least favorite thing, accounting. I hate the work, I hate checking it, and I hate that in the end it just means that I have to send the government money. Nothing fucking good there!

Worst part? The last episode of The Deadliest Catch ran this week, so I am way fucking bummed out about it all. First because it was an interesting show filled with real, decent, hardworking people that I can truly identify with, and second because I didn’t know when it started that this was also a documentary of the last year of this style of crabbing. Basically, for pretty much all times, they used a derby style system – total catch permitted was X tons of crab, and everyone starts on the same day and they go until the X tons has been caught. If you catch more you make more, if you catch less you make less. Pretty simple, right?

The Deadliest Catch was exactly about the competition and spirit of “try harder, work harder” that made these guys special. They would work for days at a time non-stop in order to get the most crab before the limit was reached. Sort of a combination business and sport. You could see the intelligence, the knowledge, the experience, and the skill that these people use to win the game. No fucking basketball hoop or other false prize – this was all about money and pride. Amazing.

It saddens me no end to know that many of the people who were on the show have since lost their jobs in the crab fishery because the quotas were only granted to some boats, and others were purchased by the state and put out of service forever. Approximately 250 boats fished for Opilio crab in 2005, and in 2006 I have seen numbers under 100 boats total. Truly fucking amazing how the government can take something noble, prideful, and all american like this and turn it into a red tape clusterfuck beyond all understanding.

Anyway, losing one of the few TV shows I truly enjoy sort of sucks.

Besides that, I have had a little problem this week getting traction on an idea I have been working on. Nothing like having a really great idea but not being able to exactly put it down on paper or share with others. I sort of shared part of it with one person, but I didn’t get any feedback yet which is sort of driving me around the bend a bit wondering. That is just one of those things, I guess.

I am also looking to sell my house this real estate season, 2 other similar houses have sold in the last couple of months on my street and I feel pretty good. But to do that, I have to get the house into salable condition and make sure all the odds and ends are taken care of, which is a bitch. Worse, as I go along, I find more shit that needs to be taken care of, so I am actually sort of going backwards instead of forwards. Fuck.

Finally, spring break season is on, which is usually a quiet time in the online busines as students go away, and families often take trips etc. So as a result, pretty much everyone I know is saying “quiet this week”… Things should pick back up in a little bit, but for now, it just sucks.

Anyway, back to work I go, I guess… enough bitching for one day 🙂