Did I mention?

I really hate mondays.  Even though I really work pretty much every day of the week, I really have a hatred for Mondays as they are the theoretical start of a new week, and I can cry quietly for all the things that I didn’t get done last week.  There is an insane personal pressure to do better and complete things on time, and the ticking on Mondays is truly a maddening thing.

There has been a whole pile of new porn sites up in the last couple of weeks.  There is a huge move right now towards “HD” movies, although the reality is that these are not HD in the TV sense, but they are pretty darn good quality videos.  I will have a listing of a bunch of new sites over at findpics porn links soon, as this is really becoming a trend.  The best part for anyone looking for porn is that generally the quality of membership sites is increasing pretty quickly right now as everyone is elbowing to get into position on this one, so good things are in store 🙂

My favorite new site just from the name is Mommy Got Boobs… in a way it is a tribute to the durability of implants and such, but there are some really good naturals in here too.  It sort of plays to a fear I have that I will be in a retirement home in 40 years, and all the old ladies around me will be using walkers and canes, but HOT DAMN ARE THEY GOING TO HAVE NICE TITS!   I guess I have something to look forward to in my old age.

Anyway, other than that I have a ton of things to do today, so I will be back to post later with some more interesting links and things for you.