Go back to school and get back online

With the summer coming to a very quick end, the back to school and back to work rush is on.  New computers are the order of the day for many people, and laptops have become so powerful that now more than 35% of all new computers sold are laptops.   That is a huge shift.   With the end of summer comes all sort of new and updated things on the net, from the redesign of CNN to new sites and programs coming along.  The next few weeks will be busy.

For followers of the adult stuff, sexy french canadian hotty Ariel Rebel is featured in this month’s Barely Legal from Hustler.  As always, this succulent teen babe looks hot as ever… find out more about Ariel Rebel here.

So stay tuned, this week is sort of quiet but you can expect the next few weeks to get seriously fun as a whole bunch of new stuff comes online!