So I saw War last night

War, the movie that is.  Jet Li and Jason Stratham, and for your asian girl fans, the unique looking Damon Aoki, daughter of Bennihana restuarant chain founder Rocky Aoki.   I mention her mostly because she turns out to be the only decently hot asian girl in a movie full of asian men.   The movie overall is interesting, although Jet Li looks a little like he mailed this one in from vacation.  Also, no matter what the trailers and move posters would suggest, the War aspect of the movie isn’t between Li and Stratham, which may disappoint some.   In Canada, the movie is rated 13 plus for violence, and they aren’t kidding.  The girl sitting next to me flinched about 5 times, and at one time was pointedly looking somewhere else to avoid the on screen action.  The gore isn’t on screen long, but they aren’t shy to show how people are fatally wounded.

Anyway, if you like asian girls, you could always click here for asian porn.  Enjoy!