More WordPress drives me mental

The new version of wordpress 2.2.2 is certainly an upgrade, but like it always seems to turn out, the upgrade also killed off a few things and made other things work differently.  It is frustrating, but I guess that is what we all get for depending on freeware.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… it’s Friday and I am working on a fairly major redesign for my link site Findpics Free Porn.  I have run this link site since 1998, and about every two years I give it a good going over.  With all the changes towards Web2.0 style design and such, I figured now would be a good time to bring the design of findpics out of the 1990’s and up to current spec.  It is interesting to learn more CSS and to extend my PHP programming skills, plus I always learn more about database management and stuff.  It’s all good, and I am sure you will enjoy the end results… more news soon. Oh yeah, according to some of the people on the wordpress support site I am a “skank” because I run teen porn sites.  Enjoy my skankiness, I guess!

In the meantime, check out Totally Free Porn.  Another new site I am working on, again trying to do something a little more web2.0.  Enjoy!