Working on some more stuff

Another few days in the salt mines… between doing accounting and working on porn, I would certainly pick porn every time 🙂

First thing is this: HOLY SHIT NICE TITS BABE! Okay, I’ll control myself… but this girl has amazing big tits… tig bitties, that is for sure! Nice gallery for free here.

At the other end of the scale is Seanna Teen… amazing small tits on this girl. So if the big ones don’t do it for you, this girl surely will!

I also continue to work on click here porn which is going to be a long linking list of link sites, tgps, blogs, and whatever else I can come up with. I don’t ever think it will be massively in great order, but I do think that it will be a cool way to find some new stuff maybe you haven’t seen before, and see more of the web that you have seen before.

Other things on my plate include something wildly interactive that I have been toying with. I don’t think I am a good enough programmer to pull it all off by myself, but I am going to take a shot at it and see. If it works, it could be a totally new way to see the net… then again, it could just be a shitty idea that goes nowhere… we’ll see.

I also have a new link site on the way that will be oriented towards movies and stuff. It should be kewl 🙂

Stay tuned!