Another weird day on the world

First off, let’s get to the tits… New site, big titty girl getting cum on – okay? Got it?

Anyway, I am sitting in my office (in montreal) watching a police chace in California live. I guess when I see these things the first thing I think of is how amazing the technology is that I can do that… it is really stunning. Anyway, some apparently drugged up 25 year old girl stole a police SUV and is now driving around like a mad thing, on 3 tires… it is a ticking time bomb.

I am working on a bunch of stuff… added new category pages over at Click here porn and I will be adding a neat little blog roll area over there too in the near future. There are about 3000 sites listed over there, plus some daily galleries and stuff, not a terrible site overall.

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SUV girl is still at it… a couple of near accidents and people swerving to avoid her… sort of a boring chase, FOX is split screening it with a Tom Delay interview, really quite sad. I just wish there was a big “RAWALEX.COM” on the back of that thing, I am sure that all that live national coverage would send a few people my way… *sigh*.

I have recently been re-reading the book Gonzo Marketing (from one of the guys who wrote Cluetrain Manifesto, which was a very strange but interesting book. Gonzo is fun because it was written in 2001, and it sort of previews the idea of blogs and self publishing, but it really also does show how the future of the internet can be accurately predicted by some people. However, it really does sort of miss some things, and doesn’t take the time to address something that I find truly important in the blog / personal space world: Accuracy.

(They nailed SUV girl… somehow she just sort of stopped and they got her out of the SUV without too much trouble – no bloodshed or massive accidents, lucky!)

Blogs give everyone (including me, which sort of makes this a little weird) a chance to say whatever they want. We can express opinions, post messages, and even “report” things. In a sense, it is a unique situation that has allowed everyone in the world to become citizen reporters. However, most citizen reporters are not held up to the standards of truthfulness or completeness, and many blogs are packed full of lies, untruths, and partial stories that just don’t play very well. If someone comes and read that that blog and thinks the information is in fact true, then that blog has misinformed and mislead the public – which is something that the normal news media is suppose to stay away from.

There is no check, no balance, no standards… just spew.

Chistopher Locke (the author of Gonzo Marketing) attempts to write this off as “involved” reporters, that people can be anything but neutral but still able to report fact. His feeling seems to be that somehow the “relevance” of the reporter is somehow better than the facts being correct.

I am working on an idea regarding the state of blogging, the internet, and the universe of disinformation that is out there… it is really amazing.