Top of the tuesday to ya :)

Top of the morning to ya, even as I write this in the afternoon.

Last night’s late session took me down the path to creating a new blog, Project Pussy.  This one is going to be an all carpet munching affair with girl girl action and whatnot.  This really is every guy’s fantasy, it seems, and there are a ton of really good sites and things out there, so I figured why not?  Plus I get to play some more with the same basic template I am using here, to see what I can do with it.  It is a very interesting concept, if nothing else.

I also continue to work toward a personal goal or two.  Weight wise I am down at 171 this morning, so no big celebration posts until I can take a picture of me on the scale at 169… then I will be quite impressed.   I have been close a couple of times, but I think this week is where it will happen.  If the weather could stay a little better I could be out riding my bike and getting some good exercise.  It’s been hard with almost a week of rain here.

Other personal goals include some business stuff, and I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time I am either hitting or coming close enough to goals to satisfy myself a bit, but not to make me slow down.  Seeing some patterns and things develop in the search engine world has given me much food for thought, so much so that I am well fed but still hungry for more.  The light at the end of the tunnel is in fact the exit to the tunnel, from what I can see 🙂

Anyway, I got to see another preview of the official design for Porn Pig Porn Party today, the designer is hard at work and it is really quite cute.  I think it will do well, and if nothing else might get the site noticed.  No matter what, it is a learning process for me, so I am ahead of game in the end.

Oh yeah, CNN managed to make Bush look like a lost case again last night (that isn’t hard)… What’s my line?

Have an exciting day… more porn later on this dirty channel.