Monday Monday…

One of the more interesting effects of working at home (and living alone) is that the days tend to blend into one another pretty much without difference. I more often know what day it is because of what is on TV rather than anything actually important. I tend to forget to do things as a result, missing appointments or whatever because I am totally, 100% clueless as to the day of the week or the date.

I am still getting use to having this nice fresh and new domain for my personal blog. I love the name and I feel a little bit more open to say what I want to say without issue, and without making it so that it effects my “business name” in the process. This is all good 🙂

Anyway, I worked pretty late last night, and got some good stuff done. First off there are new entries on teenager-x, spread teen pussy, little tit site, and ddcup big boob blog for you to enjoy. There is also a couple of new stories over at free erotic stories blog, and that is a good thing I think. I also added a hot free site Masturbating asian girl, which has some really nice juicy shots in it that are worth the effort to check out.

The overall design of PornPig’s porn party is also coming along in the background, it won’t be long before it is up and totally hot. I love the idea of getting many blog entries together so that it is easier for you guys and girls to find the porn and stuff you want. I added a couple of new feeds this weekend, so there is even more bullshit to read 🙂

I also got a design done for a fresh TGP I am going to toss up shortly. Nice to get a pro to do a job, it takes them about an hour to make a really nice template so the site will have a decent and hot look, and be ready to make friends. Overall I am happy with the look, and I hope to have the thing up and running later today or tomorrow.

Finally, I have continued to work on my new link project. I got some ideas over the weekend that will delay the launch slightly, mostly back end stuff to help other webmasters to get their stuff listed faster and easier, and to keep the site more up to date. I think there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and getting a 404 page or being redirected to console hell because a site expired or was removed. So I am working on tools to check those things more regularly, and also to make it easier for the individual contributors to remove sites from the listings if they remove their sites. All this in an effort to provide you the best and hottest overall experience.

So back to work I go… more news later 🙂