The endless days and nights of webmastering

One of the interesting things about working on the internet is that there is never enough time and never enough strength to get everything done tha tyou might like.  I have been doing this now for rigth about 10 years, and there are still an endless number of things I should learn, understand, and do.

The longer I keep doing this, the farther I fall behind.   Well, at least I am more aware every day of how far I am behind on things…

Anyway, on that happy note, I get to tell you all that I am working on some new stuff, new ideas, and a whole new thing in my life that could change everything.  Change is good, so I have been told, so damn, I am going to be tossing out a whole ass load of good.  I am working on a new blog called Broadband Wireless Access that is going to be all about the world of wireless internet and stuff.  With the new WiMAX standard coming on strong, it is now possible to get the internet in more and more places… not just short range hotspots but whole regions, similar to cellular service, with speeds up to 1mps.  NICE!

I am also working on a more information site, but I cannot reveal it much yet.  Let’s just say when it comes, it will be nice 🙂

As always, I keep updating stuff too… there are some nice new galleries on Sexy Whore, and tons of blog entires daily appearing on Porn Pig.